See Global power hizb ut tahrir: explaining the persistence of hizb ut-Tahrir

By: Bruno de cordier . 

Belgian researcher, Bruno De Cordier, speaks the truth about the power of hizbut tahrir . The " new eurasia " site published an article written by a scholar named Bruno de cordier from the university of ghent in Belgium on the 16/3/2011th with the title: " explaining the persistence of hizb ut, explain hearts hearts tahrir . 

Bruno begins his article with a record of his observations against tahrir tahrir, where he says that hizbut tahrir as a fundamentalist group that may be most banned in Central Asia and in other places. . 

However, although hizbut tahrir get the pressure and even action actions in every place, hizbut tahrir are still active doing various activities and great activities . 

In this case, Bruno is very confident that the secret of hearts hizbut is in the move. Hizbut Tahrir tried to create the real rage, and the high will of the nation. Naturally, hizbut tahrir reflect an institution and alternative systems for the globalization system . 

When describing the hizbut tahrir, Bruno says that hizbut tahrir is a movement that has often been discussed. But to preach and talk about hizbut tahrir and caliphate who he will didirikannya is still a lot of the and less open . 

He adds that there is a difficulty in determining the exact amount and accurately related to members of hizbut tahrir in the world, or as far as they spread in the state of Islam, particularly in countries like uzbekistan, until now in Libya. It's just admitted that there is an exceptional reception against hizbut tahrir ideas. Even hizbut tahrir are able and remain firm despite repeatedly facing various repression and oppression....

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