Youth Intifada fuel the Israeli military tower in Bethlehem

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - The young intifada on Saturday (9/12/2017) the night managed to burn the military tower of Zionist in at ayidah refugee camp in Bethlehem, South West Coast. According to the correspondents of the Palestinian information, a blazing fire in the military headquarters of the Zionist invaders, after the intifada youth attacked the base as part of a series of konfrotnasi that occurred in the west bank and .

On Saturday, yesterday, is the third day of al-quds free intifada, which erupts in the west bank and the Gaza Strip, which erupts as protests over the declaration of American Donald Trump who recognizes al-quds as the capital of Zionist Zionist and transfer of American Embassy from Quds. .

As much as 231 Palestinians injured on Saturday (9/12/2017) in a confrontation, which erupted between the Zionist army of Zionist and Palestinians in the west bank and the Gaza strip. .

Day before, Friday (8/12/2017), as much as 4 people died and more than 1100 others were injured in a confrontation that occurred in more than 38 points on the west bank and the Gaza strip. The Zionist air force staged an attack to the location of the resistance after the explosion of al-quds free intifada, which exploded in protest for the declaration of president trump.[]

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