Yahudisasi plan at al-quds Separation of shafaat and kafer aqib to create a majority of Jews

RemajaIslamHebatNews - Head of the map in "baitus syarq", khalil tafkaji, affirm that the result of Zionist Zionist agree to the separation of Palestinian refugee camps and kafer aqib from al-Quds is in order to implement a Zionist project that aims to obtain the majority of Jews and the Palestinian , the goal is to execute a Zionist project called "Jerusalem". .

In an interview with the Palestinian Information Center, the expert of the Jewish settlement is explaining that to realize the goal is by taking out the population of the densely population and large amounts of al-Quds. Split Refugee Camp and kafer aqib is the early stage, after a series of decisions taken in mada future by removing the other Palestinian communities, which today is behind the gulf of racial separators, in izariyah area, Abu Deist and betjala, then will be combined A number of Jewish settlements to al-Quds area is imminent. .

Tafkaji adds that ethnic cleansing in jabal albaba and against the bedouin in Rural Al-Quds and the Jordan Valley is part of this plan. This means that the Zionist leader has taken a strategic and sensitive decision on the issue "of Jerusalem policy", by making the border change with the west bank by reducing the border, to push and drive out the Palestinian communities and combining a large Jewish settlement complex , as well as ending al-quds issues from two sides of geography and demographics. .

It indicates the disposition of the Zionist invaders to treat the Palestinians in al-Quds who do not have Blue Ids in the future as a citizen without rights. In fact, they only have the right to pass, with no rights of health and homeland, and they are driven to leave al-Quds according to self-expulsion policy from al-Quds. This project is not only going to target 150 of al-Quds who live in shafaat refugee camps and kafer aqib. Because PM ZIONIST BENJAMIN Netanyahu has said it will bring out more than 200 thousand citizens of al-Quds to realize the absolute majority of Jewish demographics in al-Quds, which is currently the number of people around 780 thousand souls, 38 % of which Palestine. .

He claims that the number of Jewish settlers in al-Quds East reached 220 thousand settlers, they lived in 15 Jewish settlement complex in the border of the government of the Zionist cities at al-Quds. Allah, 3 of the settlement complex will be merged into the "Raya Jerusalem" project. Those three camps are ma ' Ale Adomim, kafer etzion and gifaat zeev, the total amount of its inhabitants 160 thousand souls . Khalil Tafkaji States that the number of Jewish settlers in al-Quds will increase in the next three years until 20 %, through the settlement policies and a series of major settlement projects that have been announced since the president of American Donald Trump entered the white Earlier the legislation commission on Tuesday (28/11/2017) agreed to change "the basic of Jerusalem", which allows separation of shafaat refugee camp and kafer aqib from al-Quds, prior to voting in the knesset for the second and third session. .

According to the Zionist media, as much as 9 Knesset members have supported this bill's proposal, while it's as much as 7 members . Changes by the minister of Naphtali Bennett and zeev elkin allow the government to move the Palestinian refugee camp and kafer aqib, which lies behind the racial separatists, but is under the government of the Zionist city of Zionist at al-Quds, to a new area of the area Formed for both camps. .

The Palestinian information centre says these steps are intended to minimize the Palestinian people in al-Quds (Jerusalem) and change al-Quds character, as part of an attempt to perform yahudisasi al-Quds. .

About 140 thousands of Palestinians live in shafaat refugee camps and kafer aqib. The majority of them don't have a blue id (not recognized the government of the Zionist cities in al-quds Due to this separation, then the government of the colony Zionist and police Zionist Zionist are no longer giving any service to the people in both camps.

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