Workouts for nervous patients

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - The nerve of the nerve is an incident in which the central neural order is natural due to the structure of the spine. The trigger can be because someone experienced an injury or a natural degenerative process. ..

On the nervous case of the injury of Secretary General Osteoporosis Indonesia (Perosi) Dr. Andi Kurniawan, spko, said generally occurs when someone is doing sports. The wrong posture puts excess weight on the back of the spine and pushes the unwanted shift. ..

" nerve loaf can be because of the sport such as lifting too much weight, continued technique techniques less, not wearing safety belt," said Dr. Andi when it was found at the performance of Indonesian women's health survey 2017 at the intercontinental hotel Jakarta, general sudirman , Central Jakarta, Wednesday (8/3/2017). .." but treatmentnya can also be with sport.

the back muscles must be trained stronger so the spine can be more stable. ' cause he's sustaining the spine field so he doesn't shift (further-Red) pressure on the nerve," on Dr. Andi.

The sport that is advisable for the neural patients is sandwiched is the workout-training muscles and core muscles. A swim called Dr. Andi including a good example of such sport because it can stimulate the muscle without putting excess weight on the spine. .

While that sport should be avoided is a sport that puts a burden on your back such as lifting weights or golf. A sudden loop on the spinal cord when swinging the golf clubs can worsen the neural condition.

" swimming is good because he's non-weight bearing means not weighing bone. When swimming is its activity muscles will work the contract so that's where he trains the spinal condition," pungkas Dr. Andi.

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