Women's dilemma in a democracy

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - The age of democracy in this world has not yet been 100 years. Although it was created to be a human intellect but it dicanang as the most ideal and fair system. Then applied force to humans from west to east with keramatnya slogans, "from the people, by the people, for the people". essentially don't run from secularism who deny the rights of God in organizing life. Then give the absolute freedom for humans to do whatever they want. Free man berakidah, free fricative, free bertingkahlaku and free wealth. All this is guaranteed by a government that follow pure democracy. They are confident, when men are free to get what they want, then humans have achieved happiness in the world. The question is, is that happiness really exists, especially for women? Or is it getting worse?      

Women in Malaysia      

The story of a mother who made her children as a sex slave in johor has made people feel so disgusted with that woman's attitude. Imagine the kids as young as the age of 8 and 10 years 'work' with cheap payments Rm50 for each customer at every weekend. The prostitution activity actually has become an industry that has long been on and growing with various forms of sophistication.  Authorities have also been caught for being a pimp. The cause, free men use what is also the way to get money. Without the capital, they only hand over the body to either willingly or by force. If true democracy is capable of defending women's fate, the honor of the children and women are getting keep!       

The country also seems to be on the brink of a generation when it's almost every day the media proclaim at least one case removal of the baby is still alive or a dead fetus. People who consider this issue can be completed when the man who menzinai the woman is willing to be responsible.    

The question is, if a girl who was adultery, then determined God she was not pregnant, so she and her mate were deemed not to make any mistakes? This issue has been stale until the society be, but it remains not by a democracy system. In fact, it may not be able to resolve because the reason this is the freedom of individuals to act the guaranteed of democracy including adultery, drop or leave the baby in a place that is not worthy of      

Besides, democracy is also ensuring freedom of berakidah or religion. It means, someone is free to embrace any religion. Even if he has become a Muslim, can only he apostasy leave religion Islam willingly by his heart. In addition, democracy also let alone a Muslim whether he wants to obey the rules of God or not. Islam is only because of heritage and recorded on beranaknya letters only.      

Ironically, democracy has been made to give pressure to the Muslims who are determined to bind themselves by law. Of course we are all informed by the actions of the Malaysian Hotel Association that defends the results not to allow the hooded woman to work in the customer service section (Frontline) Then ramailah that gives a reaction that the action is against freedom of religion. While wearing a hood is part of the rite and also the symbols of Islam. Know that democracy is truly created not to give a victory and privilege to Islam, instead of being a tool to keep away Islam in life.        

The woman in the country disbelieved        

A plan that runs bh online on November 6, 2017, which has revealed the misery of the United States of the United States in defending their honor. This includes aktres s' class ' a ' there that made a confession that he was once a victim of sexual harassment by the famous producer, Harvey Weinstein who had won 81 Oscar. Not only in Hollywood, the plan also reported that one for every five women in the U.S. became a victim of sexual assault at least once in their life. The same perangkaan also indicated that 380,000 women were attacked sexually every year. In other words, a woman was attacked every 98 seconds. The data called this also shows that 13 percent of women are trying to kill themselves after having sexual assault. In a nutshell, even in a country like the us, known as the central democracy system, women are also forced to serve bad services in men's hands. In addition, a study implicates 42,000 women in the entire European region indicate that in every three women on the continent there is a man who has been attacked sexually at least once after 15 years. In Australia, the discrimination gender still occurs with a woman in a professional career in the country receiving low salary and doesn't have a great hope to be the leader of the giant company but the risk of their being sexually harassed is great. At The Western moment keeps exporting "democracy" to the Islamic world as the 'Best System' to guarantee the dignity and rights of women, country country in this world thus have failed in protecting the women.      

Muslim women in other countries         

This democracy system has made half of its population in fear and suffering. In Iraq and Afghanistan, as the Americans brought all military forces and dropped all kinds of bombs to bring the 'democracy' to there, the fate of the muslimah in both the earth of Islam is now tragic. They were murdered, molested and lost a normal life result pendemokrasian by western powers with the help of Muslim leaders that became their agent. Women, parents and children were imprisoned in both the land, all in the name of the effort to implement democracy. Inside the prison, the muslimah and the Iraqi children are being abused by the of the kuffar army.       

In the land of Myanmar that president was recognized as a democracy icon, Muslimah Rohingya received a painful seizure. They were raped, burned, forced to witness the murder of children and husbands and had to go through the land and the oceans to survive. Then, do we still expect happy through democracy?       

Happy woman with the khilafah For anyone who pulled history and reality, the sad story of suffering women's life around the world this moment is actually nothing else stems from the affleck of the khilafah islamiyah of the life of the Muslims and replaced by secular democracy system. A little fact on the top has clearly shown that the democracy system is apparently failing to solve women's problems, otherwise have women to cliff cliff and misery. Allah swt has warned,       " what is the judgement of the ignorance they desire, and who is better than Allah for those who are confident?".       Thus, isn't it time to muslimah up and out of all this darkness?      

Islam has a comprehensive rule that guarantees justice for anyone including women. Only the Islamic system gives a solution to every question of life that departs from the universal view of the woman, which is the view that sees women as part of a member of the community, who coexist in harmony and peace with the man in the life of this life. Islam gives opportunity and opportunity for muslimah to beraktiviti in common life besides main activities as mother and household regulator.       

On the side, Allah swt also has imposed every muslimah to be and claim knowledge. Islam also has allowed women to do the transaction sell and work according to what is allowed by the has. In Short, Islam has set the laws of has with very detailed and thorough. With the laws of this law, all the women's issues will be completed and fair.     


A woman's glory should be preserved, so women deserve to feel happy not only in the world, even in the hereafter. The Light and this glory will only appear when muslimah and this nation return to Islam and be under the shade of daulah khilafah that will implement the law of God and his messenger. Wallahua ' Lam.   




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