Why do parents keep communicating with children?

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Being a parent is not an easy thing to do. The way you relate to children, educate children, and teach children very much affecting children, including physical and mental. One of the things that can bolster it is communication with the child. Communication between children and parents is the basis of how parents and children form relationships. Bad communication between parents and children certainly can make parent and child relationships get worse.

Benefits of keeping communication with children .

How can the child be seen from how a communication between parents and children awoke since a child, even since birth. However, many parents may not realize this. Communication with child may be a simple and impressed thing to do, but it turns out to have great benefits to child development. Establish communication with a positive child since a child can help in developing a child's confidence, building a sense of self-esteem, children feel more valuable, building a positive child's concept, and can help the child in building relationships with other people around it. Perhaps you'd like to see a timid little boy in public, it may be one of the parent s' communication with the less well-connected child. Communication with children well-established can also make child and parents feel fun. On the contrary, a bad communication can make a child do not respect her parents, there is often a fight between children and parents, and feelings are worthless to children.

Communication between parents and good children can strengthen the relationship between parents and children. It certainly helps parents in understanding every development of his children. Remember, child development can be different at every age. With Communication, parents can know what their kids are, what they like to do, and don't like to do.

Some psychologists also have discovered that the boy who is in good communication with her parents has a lower risk to do bad things, like smoking, drugs, drinking alcohol, sexual deviance, and violence. So, find your communication patterns with a good boy and make the kids comfortable with it. Some kids may not be too comfortable if the parents know everything that kids do. The key is to be curious without disturbing the child. Not only speak, but also listen to children Building good communication with children not only involves talking, but also parents have to listen to children. So, a two-way communication can happen between parents and children. Your ability to listen to children is very important to establish an effective communication.

Besides the ability to listen, some ways in building communication with a good boy are:

take a few moments every day to talk and listen to the child.

Watching what the child is talking to you. As long as you can just focus on listening to kids, not while watching television or holding cell phones. It can also teach a boy how to be a good listener. 

Encourage children to reveal ideas or their opinion to a thing. Let the kid ask you anything and as much as you can give the boy a good answer. This is one form of positive communication between parents and children (talking and listening in turns). Don't be afraid to discuss important things, criticize the child, or blame the child. But don't yell or speak rude that can hurt a child's heart. Remember, you are a role model for the child.

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