Weighing prices and panning (Spiritual reflection in disaster and difficulty)

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Life is a struggle. Involvement in the life of God is that makes our lives a meaning before God. Yet every journey of struggle does not miss the trials and the difficulties of life. There is no one of us who has never had a test and life trials. Nevertheless, behind every difficulty God has promised ease.     

Allahpun will not test his slave beyond human capabilities. Imam syafei once said " let the day do what he wants. And make this heart willingly when this destiny arrives. Don't fidget with blackest night. Because of this world's events nothing lasts forever Why in life must be difficult?. For ease to have value and meaning. Why in life there must be trouble?. To ease the way to find and finally enjoy.        

Trials and trials are the madrassa of life for those who believe. The Messenger and friends are the example of those who have graduated from the madrassa and the difficulties of life and earn the ranking of men from Allah swt. Patiently accepted the life of the world.      

The first teacher that we should make an example of patience is the messenger Muhammad saw. The Messenger once said: I have been tormented in the way of Allah and no one has ever been hurt like myself (hr at Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and Ahmad).       The Messenger of Allah and the people of the madrassa, and we made them leaders who guided by our command when they were patient. And they are certain of our communications. (QS AS SAJDA: 155).      

Problems and hardships have been experienced by everyone, but it contains different meanings. Which is able to determine the meaning behind every difficulty we face is ourselves. There are at least five meanings and wisdom in the hardships of every man. Among the meaning contained in every difficulty we face is:      

First, the test will exalt the degree and remove the sin. Things can be varied and kinds. There is a time of death, pain, poverty, failure, fear, hunger, disappointment, and so on. All can serve as an expiation for a man of faith. Surely to obtain redemption must include patience in dealing with it.       

There is no innocent man. Very many mistakes we often do. (Allah) said, " we will certainly test you with fear of hunger, hunger, and loss of wealth and fruits. And give good tidings to the steadfast. (Qs al as: 155)       

We desperately need forgiveness from God. And we fear the day of judgment. What happens if our good is weighed with evil. We're still very anxious. Don't do our evil more than our good charity. Maybe we have done a lot of good deeds in the world. But whoever guarantees our charity is acceptable to God.      

To fight for the cause of God, and in the cause of God. He said, " there is no God but he.      

Second, it's difficult as a self-quality filter. To Acquire Pure Gold must be burned with high heat. To Obtain Steel should also be melted down in the scorching fire. To get a gem, a clam must moan the pain.       

Those who are still sitting on the school bench, the difficulty of testing is part of the quality filter. Those who have worked, also need to be screened by a difficult task to be able to see who is capable of capable and who is not worthy. Only human choices can survive until the finish line.      

And the next. God will sift through his servants. Will not be allowed to accept faith. Faith is not just a verbal confession. Needs to be sifted from disbelief and hypocrisy. Does man think that we believe, while they have not been tested? Indeed we have tested the people before you ".         Third, difficulties as the cycle of life. Nature is moving according to the rules. This whole universe is subject to God's rule. Earth will continue to spin in an orbit. Leaf from the shoots, grows green to be in yellow and dry finally falling out to earth. Difficulty is a life cycle that is bound to happen. It's the only thing that awaits. If today there is trouble means that the days ago we've been through with pleasure           Prophet Ayyub tried to see the disease he endured from the cycle of life. From there he pushed it up to bring up patience. When his wife urged him to pray for God to be healed, he said, "I am ashamed of God, because before this i have enjoyed the health longer than the pain". the wheel of life will keep rotating and turns. (Allah) said: "and that day we shall be among the worlds".       

Fourth, adversity as a gesture of victory. Life is fighting. Struggling in a vast understanding. A husband must strive to fulfill his duty. A leader is struggling to maintain trust and apply the law of God. A wife is struggling to educate children and keep a husband's treasure, a teacher struggling to form the Islamic personality of his students         

One of the people of dawah struggle to revive Sharia, a laborer or anyone who leads life in the world should know that life is a field of struggle. Struggle requires sacrifice. Without sacrifice will not be won. Hardship will take a lot of time, energy, potential and cost to complete. This is part of the sacrifice. The struggle of any life will go through certain phases to land on the shores of victory. Between them is a matter of slander and a trial and hardship. And this is the final phase before entering the gates of success and victory. Life is a struggle. Wherever the feet tread that the struggle must begin. Never stop fighting. Don't ever stop fighting just because this leg is bloody stumbling through a crucible. Imam Ahmad bin hambal asked his son abdullah," o father when you rest?". he answered," when this leg stepped in heaven ".      

For a Muslim break is a transfer of good activity. Unemployed will kill him. Because if idle for a moment, then we'll be stuck to daydreams and delusions. This is the reverie of the devils.        

The Prophet himself once reminded his people to beware of two things: idle and empty times. Both can lead to evil. There is no idle term for people who want to succeed. Optimize at all times by filling in positive, constructive, productive and kontributif activities.        

Fifth, adversity is the price of heaven. Heaven is expensive. The words were repeated by the prophet to three times, because its beauty and its splendor had never been felt and terdetikpun in the heart.      

(Allah) will say, " do you think you will enter paradise while you have not yet tasted the people before you They were afflicted with poverty and jolted. And those who were with him said, " when will the help of Allah come Remember the help of God is close ". (Qs al as: 214).        

Heaven is not easy to reach. Trials will continue to roll. In order to give birth to a believing slave. ' cause paradise will never enter them. Difficulty Cleansing the stains of sin.         

For that we must be able to guess the meaning of every problem and difficulty approaching in our lives. We need to weigh the price of difficulty, so that we may be the lucky ones after going through a lot of trouble and Allah and his messenger have made the heavens and the earth in the heavens and the earth. In fact, they are the people of his life, accompanied by a great deal. They are a figure that is never lonely from the various problems of keumatan. Horsing around with them from different sides, not making them back down. His soul has led them to a true believer. Their lives were wakafkan and they sold it to God. They deserve paradise. The question is, what about us?       

Indeed is a person who will be able to look in the way of God. Personal believers are private fighters for the good of religion and people. They do not, except for the benefit of the people.       

Happiness for them is the success of the brothers of believers and seaqidah. Rasulullah is a perfect role model, as well as we try to be optimal to follow him, as proof of love to him Because we will be united in the next battle with the people we love for God.       

Finally, the hardship and test of life as a test of God should be able to wake us up in accordance with syara, so the exams have a positive meaning for our faith. The quality of faith that brings in love and pleasure of God. The quality of faith that leads to our worthiness to become the the of Allah swt

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