Today's natural disaster (Learn from the tale of the ancients)

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - In the Qur ' an there are many verses documenting the story of the ancients. Is the story of the ancients. The first story is the story of the people of Noah.      

The people of nuh (Noah) were destroyed by the people of Noah and his messenger.       

And they have misled many, and do not increase the wrong-doers except in error. Because of their sins, they were drowned, and admitted to the fire, and they had no helpers besides Allah. He said, " My Lord, do not leave one of the unbelievers on earth. Indeed, if you leave them, they will mislead your servants, and they will beget none but those who do not.

The second story is the story of the tribe of ' ad. ' ad is a people who have extraordinary civilizations. Towering buildings. However, a tyrant, an oppressor, an oppressor, an oppressor, a tyrant. Allah destroyed them.        

Indeed, I fear for you the punishment of a great day. ' they replied, " it is all the same to us whether you give advice or do not advise. This is nothing but the custom of the ancients. And we will not be punished ". but they belied him, and we destroyed them. Surely in this is a sign, but most of them do not believe. And Verily Thy Lord! He is the all-Mighty, the all-merciful. (QS AS SHU ' Ara: 135-140).        

This is the story of the tribe of thamud. They have the expertise to build houses and magnificent castles on the feet of a flat hill. And those who possess wealth and men who are respected by their deeds. With Wealth, rulers of power. A colleague who supports them is rewarded for wealth and benefits. But those who do not believe in their Lord will be humiliated, and they will be oppressed.      

The reason being used is 'disturbing homeland security'. They will not be wronged. If they repeat the same, then they have given themselves a similar punishment. There is another story. He has power in the power of economics, braced by Korah. Sharia against the Sharia of Allah, his arrogance, and become of his subjects making the path to the destruction of Thus was the end of the people of lot and the people of Midian.         

There were four of them, so that they were destroyed. First is disobedience to Allah's Sharia. The two lives of the leaders and officials of luxury while their people are poor and suffering. The third injustice to the little people by deciding a variety of policies that are not sides to the little people. The fourth deny the truth that didakwahkan by the messenger of Allah, even they are hostile, insulting, hunting and oppressing the messenger of Allah who be them.       

The fourth of the ancients has caused the wrath of God by destroying and destroying our nation, Indonesia. Look when the people in this land are compacted and suffocated. Until there was a small man who killed himself because he couldn't resist the economic pressure. Instead of caring for the poor, in the middle of the pain, the government brings life to life. I don't know how trillion people have been corrupted by the lords, leaders and government officials. The money of corruption they used to buy homes and vehicles and live in luxury. Ironically, at the same time the people choked hungry and poor. Is the creation of the people.        

The Liberal secular system adopted by the government has resulted in any public damage. In this country of adultery and prostitution and is protected because they are considered workers, gambling is set, the sale of buy menuman is legalized, the practice of ribawi legalized, practice practice and lesbianisme is treated as human rights, ahmadis flow. Systems and liberalism have legalized aberrant behavior which is prohibited by God swt in the name of freedom and human rights.       

Indeed, the prophet and the messenger (Muhammad saw) will offer you a system of Islamic life. But if a nation ignores the laws of God, it will be hardship.        

In the land and the unjust. (Allah) said: but whoever turns away from my remembrance, for him is a straitened life, and we shall raise him on the day of resurrection in blind ". (QS THAHAA: 124)      

In this world, and there is no blame on them. What does that mean? The greatest Muslim land was intentionally bound on the path to destruction just like the ancients. And we shall show them the way of Allah.     

He said, " and if we destroy a town, we have commanded the people of luxury in the land, but they did not transgress in the land. Destroy the country, complete destruction. (QS AL ISRA ': 16).      

Only the law of God will solve all the problems of human life. The Islamic system is a single and best solution that comes from God is true and fair, not a human living system, such as sekulerisme and liberalism as applied in this country.    

When it is said to them, " this is the day of judgment      

If the people of the land had believed and guarded (against evil), we would surely have bestowed upon them blessings from the heavens and the earth, but they denied it, so we seized them for what they used to do (Qs al a ' RAF: 96)

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