The importance of fibres and the little growth

RemajaIslamHebatHealthy - Do you know, it turns out to be the child's health?

One of the ways to maintain digestive health and the little growth of the child is by giving enough food to mom's heart.

The fibers you need to know.

A high intake intake is important to consume the fruit of the liver, because it is useful to help the body metabolic process, which is with a way to normalise bowel movement, help maintain bowel health, maintain the quality of the feces and make it easy to take Fulfill the needs of daily nutrition, as well as allowing it to achieve healthy weight. It's not just going to maintain the health of the cernanya channel, but it also increases the power of his body, so it supports to grow the little

t's a good source of fiber for the little one.

Although the fibers have good benefits for health, but often children don't have an appetite to consume food with fibers, either because of shape or taste less attractive to most children. In fact, a lot of delicious food is a source of fiber, like the fruit of the cereal.

Here are some good fiber sources for the little one you should know, among them:
- nuts.
- Fruit Berries.
- bread and cereal.
- fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, plums, and pears.
- nuts like peas, green beans, Almond Almonds.
- vegetables like carrots, broccoli and potatoes.

As well as the fibers are recommended for the children from permenkes no. 75 year 2013 about the recommended nutritional value, which is for age 1 TO 3 years to consume fibres about 16 grams per day, and age 4 TO 6 years around 22 Grams. Means I can give you about 2-3 cups of fruit or vegetables a day for the little one.

Make sure that you meet the needs of the little fibres, provided according to his needs. In addition, complete with additional nutritional feeds such as vitamins and growth of growth with vitamins and minerals needed to support digestive health, body control, and grow up. Consult with the doctor for more information related to the little nutrients.

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