Strong telling the truth

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Many have doubts to say true. Just because it still takes care of people and pleasure. Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal has left a very deep message, . I left people's satisfaction until I was able to speak right. .

" I leave the pleasure of man, until I am able to speak to the truth." [Siyar a 'lam an-Nubala', 11/34] .

Today, a lot of doubt is even afraid to honestly say that caliphate is Islamic teachings. People are also confused, which people must follow, because some of them conceal the truth. . The Imam of ghazali once delivered an important recipe, .

I know that whoever knew the right to men is hot in the maze of guidance, and I know the right to know his family if i am asking you a path of truth, and if you are convinced of the tradition, and look at what is famous for the credit of people, do not forget For their progress, and they don't know the religion or their stupidity, nor do they give them speech and compassion, but with the flag of the hereafter and the way it is. .

" know that who is measuring the truth with a figure, he will be lost in the valley of confusion. So know the truth, and you will know who it is, if you really want to follow the right path. .

But if you are only satisfied by participating and see the trend of human role, then do not forget about the shahabat and the height of their ranks are unmatched. It is not in the path of the pen or harmed, but it is the path of the hereafter and the path of his Lord. .

It is sufficient for us to the hadith of the following prophets as motivation, .

A sect of my nation is still visible until they come to them. .

" there will be a group of my people who have come to help, until the command of Allah comes to them, and they are victorious." Bukhari.

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