Spiritual man

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - In 1957, a company rating stock and bond in the United States (Standard & poors) compiled a list of 500 best companies. And 49 years later, it turned out from 500 companies that only 74 companies were still worth the best. Others, 426 companies or 84 percent are missing.      

What causes it? It turns out after being scrutinized and scrutinized are not the weak capital and management systems. But the cause is a violation of the principles of morals and ethics. It's fair if gay Hendricks and kute ludeman in the corporate mystics to conclude that a successful company leader in the 21th century is those who are spiritualistik.     

Who is the people? Are those who are diligently performing ritual worship? The answer is no. The leader leaders have some features. First, this man gives value and meaning in every job. He understood that his job wasn't just physical activity. There's value and meaning the essentials for all the things he's working on.    

So the people who work hard just for the highest income without knowing the value and the meaning of his job, he is not the best leader in his company or It's only a robot that looks like a man.      

Second, he understood that the earth was a place of accomplishment. Spiritualists is not only diligent rituals. He also carves a lot of achievements in his work. He understands the glory of a human being determined how much he can benefit. It is not only to be able to reassure himself, but forget to deal with kindness and benefits.       

Third, he understands that there is a true life after death. The world is a natural cause while life after the world is a natural nature. He knew that his position in life after the world was a result of his behavior in the world. He'll be busy looking for many opportunities to collect provisions in eternal life.      

Continue to practice being a spiritual man so that you become one of the candidates for leaders in various companies or your own company that continues to grow and the company is not easy to disappear in the Greetings!

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