Special supplies before a household life for muslimah

Special supplies before a household life for muslimah: .

1. Learn to take care of the body and beautify appearances. .

One of the muslimah forms to her husband is always keeping up appearances, trying to always appear beautiful and attractive in front of her husband. .

With a good look at the body and beautify the appearance in front of your husband, will be able to increase the taste of the love of his wife. . Learn how to take care of the body, learn how to dress up and appear in front of the husband to be one of the supplies that must be prepared all .

2. Clever Set house. .

The second thing that must be prepared is a good place to set up a house, is a muslimah after marriage, of course at home being the mother of the household prepares everything at home for husband and The need to be prepared is everything related to this kind of getting used to cleaning the house so it looks neat, learning to cook because by enjoying the meal of the wife certainly will be something special for a husband. .

In addition to the things that are still related to organizing houses as well as building a good relationship with neighbors and people in the neighborhood. .

3. Good parenting and caring for kids. .

Umar ibn Khattab says one of the rights of the child was chosen by his father, the mother of his father, the main reason that mother would become a teacher and a school for Mother has a great role for the successful children of the world and the afterlife. .

So that they may take care of the children of the world, and when they are pregnant, when they are delivered to the day of birth. Of course, the science of the intricacies must be learned by the future mothers before marriage..[]

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