Research: thousands of Muslims become Israeli soldiers

RemajaIslamHebat.Com, Nazareth -- the results of political research center and "Javi" Strategies At Barailan University, Tel Aviv, releasing quite a shocking data. The Research States that there are Muslims in the internal forces of Israel since the foundation of this country in 1948.     

Israeli forces from Saudi Arabia has been present since the foundation of Israel. They took advantage of the Arabs in the security post that were accepted in a number of Israel.      

One of the arab commanders in the forces of Israel is general yusuf tarumbaldur. He became a symbol of sacrifice defending the country to present his loyalty to the state of Israel.      

Research says the army and the Arab officers keep their duties in the internal forces of Israel based on the slogan of the Zionist movement in the Arab population of Israel That is a moral vindication.      

Any soldier or officer willing with a country that menaunginya is obliged to defend him from an enemy invasion of Arabia or others. An Israeli soldier from an Arab citizen is a first-class Israeli citizen. He has social status, economic and new identity of Israel. Keep growing.       

The research says a percentage of the Muslims increased in gradually since 1948 to 1956. their numbers grew up in the late 1960 s and early 1970 s.  The highest amount in the beginning of 2008. Prosentasenya today reached 19 % of the entire population of Israel. Arabs are concentrated in the galil and mutsalas area. The Israelis gave them a special religious identity. Israel also provides education and preserving their original identity.      

Data says the Israeli war team covers 12 Muslims. 1.120 people came from Egypt.      

They joined the base of their desires after their exodus to Israel. The Egyptians who worked in the army of Israel called the most loyal and very serious soldier. They earn a monthly salary about 4000 to 4500 shekels.       The Israelis and the Israeli army of Israel kept their duty since the history of Israel. After the war of 1967, the President Golda Meir gave homage to the officers and the Israeli army of Arab Muslims for their bravery and heroism.

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