Rasyq: Al-quds as the capital of Israel will Trigger Anger

RemajaIslamHebatNews - The High-ranking Islamic resistance movement, izet rasyq, Saturday (3/12/2017), confirmed that al-Quds City confessed as the capital of the United States of America, if it was to happen, it was a blatant challenge and a great provocation to the feelings of Arab people Muslims. The confession will be an anger trigger that will be an explosion against the Zionist Zionist. .

Rasyq says, " the news is closer to trump al-quds as the capital of Zionist, is a harsh blow to those who rely on the negotiations of America, which is never fair at all to Palestine. But impartial side to the Zionist Zionist, always standing in line government government zionist."

He insists, " the actions of the trump government admitted al-quds as the capital of Zionist, will not give any right to the Zionist invaders and will not change any historical facts in al-Quds, which is from first and will remain as Arab city and Islam, the Will be defended by the people of the Palestinians and Muslims.

Previously on Friday (1/12/2017), the American officials saying that President Donald Trump was determined to confess the city of al-quds as the capital of Israel. This confession will deliver trump on a Wednesday speech (6/12/2017) coming up. According to the "Associated Press" Office. . The U.S. officials added, trump is determined to fulfill his promise (during U.S. President's campaign) to transfer the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to al-Quds. .

City of al-Quds, whose occupation of zionists in the year 1967, became one of the major resolutions of peace resolution. There are concerns of the Arab leaders who will follow the trail of president trump admitted al-quds as the capital of . In the presidential election campaign last year 2016 then, trump promised to transfer the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to al-Quds. More than once trump repeats that this problem "is only related to time only".[]

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