Rain, floods, and mountains erupting from the ecological phenomenon to Theological Awareness

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - It's been a couple of months of this whole country every day damp rain, even sometimes a full day. Even in a landslide this time has caused a flood and a landslide. Among the flooding and the landslide is the gunung kidul of jogjakarta. In addition to flood and landslides, other disasters are the meletusnya of the great mountains in Bali.       

It is a gift from God for his servants. The rain is God's creation, no one can bring rain as God brings rain. Because God is powerful over everything. Allah swt said:      

And from the point of view that you see the earth their, and if we send down the water, it shaken and may that the one who ۤ it to the dead of the dead        

And some of his signs, thou seest the earth dry and barren, but when we send down rain upon it, it will be motionless. Indeed he is able to revive the dead. He has power over all things. Fussilat 41: Verse 39)      

Rain is one of the time mustajab to pray. Apostle ever said, Call the prayer response at three: when the armies meet, establish prayer and down.      

" look for do " a the on three circumstances: the two armies met, before prayer was carried out, and when the rain came down." (hr Baihaqi ').       

Even the messenger once prayed, God is around us and not on us, God on the ạlạkạm and the eyes and the bellies of the valleys and the trees " O Allah, rain rain upon us, not to ruin us. Allah, turukanlah rain to the plateau, the mountains, the hills, the bowels of the valley and the trees of trees." (hr. Bukhari. Therefore, if it is a drought, it is not for the cause of God. Because the drought and rain are two signs of God to be a sight for people. Before prayer is advisable to fast, alms, and repent.         

When the implementation of the istisqa is advised all citizens out with children and animals of cattle by wearing a simple clothing by continue offering the prayer and humbling the heart.       Rainfall is an unusual phenomenon during the season. But in the theological perspective, the season of rain is part of a reminder and a reprimand from God for humans. From Aisha said when rasululloh saw the rain or wind (toned) Seen (change) in his face, then I asked:      

The Messenger of Allah said that people if they saw cloud rejoiced, please have the rain, and see you if you saw it known in your face hatred. And he said, "O Aisha, it is a torment that has been tortured."      

" O Rasululah, if people see the cloudy, they will be so happy. They're expecting the rain coming down. But different from you. If you see the cloudy, see your face shows a non-like sign."he said," O ' Aisha, what could make me feel safe? Who knows this is the punishment. And the people of the wind had been given the wind. (the tribe of) a ' ad said, "this is a cloud which will bring us rain". Bukhari and Muslim).     

The Qur 'an revealed a punishment through the' ad.      

So when they saw the future, they said, "this is a symptom of our own, but it is a trial of a a." I'll do it. We do.        

Then, when they saw it as a cloud advancing towards their valleys, they said, 'this is a cloud which will bring us rain.' In fact, that is what you sought to hasten, a wind wherein is a painful punishment, which destroys everything by the command of his Lord, so there is nothing to be seen except their dwellings. Thus do we reward the sinners." (QS. Al Ahqaf [24]: 24-25)       

The warning and the reprimand of God to man is closely related to the behavior of mankind in the mensikapi of life, nature and Against Nature and environment, human beings have been corrupted. Man has done all the earth and the forests.      

The exploration of a massive natural resource and burning forests with a short purpose of a capitalist human being by ignoring the theological aspects and the well-being of the people is        

Allah has warned mankind of all things. He created man. Taught him articulate speech. The Sun and the moon follow a reckoning. And the stars and the trees prostrate. God has raised the heavens and set up the balance. In order that you do not transgress. He said: And the sky lifted it and put the balance. Do not transgress the scale. Weigh the weight and don't lose the balance.      

" and the sky has been raised high, and he has created the balance. So you don't damage the balance. And establish the balance, and do not skimp the balance. ' (QS. AR-Rahman [55]: 7)       

Mistakes and destruction of the environment for earthly gains will bring disaster to the human itself. Environmental imbalance will produce drought if the drought and will bring flood and landslides during the rainy season.        

With the entire fenomen of God's creation, may the people of tersadarkan will be his role as a Caliph in managing nature and environment as part of his devotion to the Lord of Faith and ketaqwaan in the ecological perspective are society and the government is aware of the environment by guarding and maintaining the environment as God's trust in the hope of bringing a " blessing in the He said:      

And if the people of the villages believed and met them, they would have been blessed from the sky and the earth, but they lied, so they did what they were earning        

And if the people of the land had believed and guarded (against evil), we would surely have bestowed upon them blessings from the heavens and the earth, but they belied, so we seized them according to what they used to do. Al-a ' RAF [7]: Verse 96)         

In Short, it's time for Muslims and all the people of the world mensikapi the cosmological phenomena with theological and scientific points, so that it brings out thanksgiving and natural management and Instead of mengkufuri and doing various forms of humanity that would wreak disaster. 

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