Radicalism: between reality and myth

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - A pretext like the " Global WAR ON TERROR ", " Global War on radicalism " raise the great capitalist country, this subterfuge has caused the Muslims to feel the pain that does not even deserve to be felt by animals Military invasions and various distractions as the consequences that follow him.        

There are a lot of imbalance in narrative ' WAR ON TERROR ' and ' war on radicalism ' and manipulation the atmosphere of fear which was created to attack the Islamic political ideas that had gained many wide support in the Muslim world. These slogans are used to continue persecution against the Muslims. While slogan slogans become a fake blanket that is used directly to target every Muslim wherever he is as long as he is calling for the effort to build a Muslim          personality in person or as the Islamic community as the perfect way of life. Their own radical terms don't produce good or bad meanings. But this term has been given a new definition by the United States and Europe. They made terrorism and radicalism identical to desecrate their image that wanted to revive the the world. The will of Islam as a broken capitalism is his target. Anyone who has been labeled as radical in the same way as they are labeled as terrorists. It's not a new thing, because the history shows that many other persecution have been used. The capitalist regime is doing these harassment efforts to reform Islam.      

Rich law, political style or police against radicalism and terrorism caused problems. Appeared to various injustice to the Muslims all over the world in general. It is so sad to see what the Islamic nation is in Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Jordan, Iraq, Myanmar, Yemen, etc. All suffered hard times under the slogan 'campaign against radicalism' which pioneered the U.S. in the entire world where the countries who have received it to be used in this dangerous campaign are supported, including funds.       

We live in this century, experiencing hardship in life under the shade of western capitalism and the source of the weak human mind. The civilization of capitalism is still running and still getting sponsorship and certified around the world by the United States and its allies through slogans like freedom, democracy, free trade etc. Yet you witnessed their offer failed to fulfill euphoria changes society, even more down.       

Then the desire of Muslims to return into the Islamic system is more powerful after witnessing the failure of capitalism in mastering the world. Therefore, America and its allies have established the laws, metod and police intended to stop or prevent the speed of Muslims who demand the change of Islamic ideology; as a result, among the police is war against terrorists, the war against radiancy, etc.          

Many scholars and activists who oppose misunderstandings about radikalisasi, 'extremism' and political violence, by the way explain the Islamic political teachings and map the way forward for the future. The Fruit of dawah is the state where the Muslims currently awaken from their silent attitudes, challenging attempts to disfigure Islam and laughed, they begin to understand the duty of the formation of Islamic political system that is independent in the Muslim world, with the term of the Some manoeuvre and is have been disosialisasikan to the public to suggest that the khilafah system became an unwanted duty even his ideas must be opposed, including efforts to connect the concept of the khilafah with violence. However, that seems only a failure in the western discourse of the khilafah.        

The Islamic political idea was viewed as a potential threat not for security, but to maintain control, exploitation and giant giant domination to the political invasion and their economy kept running for several centuries. But for the Muslims, the idea of the khilafah meant the liberation of tyranny and oppression, this associated with their principles and their history and the ability to determine their own political destiny.        

This cruelty is faced with Muslims but very surprising. Ironically Pro Pro West In the tragedy of the bombing, before the investigation is done, you will hear the media gives a fine statement that says that "a terrorist" has bombed certain areas, or with other words, if the culprit is a Muslim. We don't get to fall into a trap placed by the west of the of Muslim people with radical Muslim label and Muslim moderates. Obviously, a lot of data is revealed to the final conclusion that the terrorist mastermind is the United States and 'Israeli' who openly sees to target Muslims and Muslims in the long war.[]

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