Protests in South Africa to support Palestine and demand the closing of their embassy in Israel

RemajaIslamHebatNews - Hundreds of people rallied in South Africa on Tuesday to support Palestine and demanding the closing of their embassy in Israel. .

Attention is held outside the headquarters of the foreign ministry and cooperation in the capital of Pretoria during the international day of solidarity with the Palestinian people, carrying banners carrying anti-work slogans and shouting slogans support the Palestinian people. .

" there is an agent who was hired to soften the support of the government in the African National Congress for Palestine," said Alex Madakana, the secretary of the communist party in the Gauteng area in South Africa, in a speech at the rally. .

He insists that the people of South Africa will stand on the side of Palestine and his people, add: " we have experienced the apartheid experience, we will continue to stand with the Palestinians because of the implementation of the Israeli racial discrimination system . As a part, a member of the provincial movement, " Israel ", Mohammad Desaiy, in an interview with Anatolia, " sanctions we have experienced as Africans during the apartheid period, which is now practiced by Israel in Palestine, we will continue to support the brothers and sisters We are in Palestine." .

He shows that his movements are organizing the demonstration to reveal his demands of the government " the closing of South African Embassy in Tel Aviv." .

" 28 November is the international day of solidarity with the Palestinian people, and we are here today to deliver our request to the authorities in South Africa. [Shehab News Agency]

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