On Monday: 119 Palestinians wounded in 46 confrontations with the occupation

RemajaIslamHebatNews - On Monday, 119 Palestinians were wounded in various areas on the west side, Gaza and occupied territories, while 46 incidents reported including stones, molotov cocktails and explosive explosives against Israeli occupation and settlers. .

The Palestinian resistance fired a rocket from the Gaza strip to the Israelis in the Gaza strip. .

In the same context, some Palestinian young men threw some molotov cocktails into some areas, including ma ' Ale Adumim and deir Ibiza, belt el belt, tour camp and Aida. .

On Monday, 46 Palestinians were killed in clashes with Israeli troops in Jerusalem and surrounding, Ramallah, Bethlehem, qalqilya, Hebron, Jericho, salfit, tulkarem, nablus, occupying Palestine and Gaza strip.

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