Officers are allergic to liwa and rayah, fahri hamzah: " his brain has been corrupted by the devil!"

RemajaIslamHebat.News - The white flag says laailahailallah muhammadarasulullah (Liwa) and the same Arab Berkaligrafi Banner (Rayah) is the flag of the messenger of God and all the Muslims, but these days are often criminalized by officials.       

" in some of our country officials are allergic to flags like this (while pointing liwa and rayah in mass, red). Because they assumed it was ISIS. His brain has been tampered with by satan!" strengthen in front of millions of alumni of alumni 212 Alumni, Saturday (2/12/2017) across monas, Jakarta.       In addition, exposing fahri, other Islamic terminology like " Jihad ", " syadahat ", " the interpretation ", all wants to be criminalized and included in the category of impeachment. " we send later selawat on this day of birthday," so that it may be the spirit and the heart of the officials from the cursed demons," emphasized then the interpretation of millions of     

But further fahri, who will guard the land is not the owner of the capital.     

" if this country was attacked by the capital to fly overseas, the people of the people who will defend the country," will be in the name of the attendees.[]

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