Khatib Al-Precincts: Al-Quds and al-precincts be a Brutal Target Zionist

RemajaIslamHebatNews - At the Friday sermon, the khatib mosque precincts al-Mubarak and Mufti Al-Quds, Sheikh Muhammad Husayn confirms that al-precincts mosque and al-Quds are being subjected to the brutal raids of immigrants, they are attempting to perform city yahudisasi, by removing features Special and seduced citizens to sell the land to them, but he confirmed the fighters will continue to defend the mosque and al-Quds.

In the performance of Friday, he insists that al-precincts is entirely belongs to the Muslims, although the Zionist invaders are trying to remove this reality, but will remain faced with all the power we have. .

Khatib Al-precincts condemns the violent crimes of the Zionist army and Jewish immigrants against the Palestinians, such as a day before, a Jewish immigrant shot dead Palestinians in qasharah, nablus.

Thousands of al-Quds and surrounding the prayers of Friday at the mosques of al-Precincts, in the middle of a very strict security procedure.[]

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