Kelor leaves side effect

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Everything that is superfluous is not good, even dangerous, including mengonsunsi leaves kelor.     

There are 5 side effects to be Lord from the use of kelor leaves for body health

1. Kidney function

The side effects of kelor leaves can be certain if someone consumes kelor leaves stew, because it can cause a kidney function disorder where there will be dialysis in the process of bodily fluids.

2. Liver damage

Effect's side effects can occur if someone is drinking rebusabn or lalapan leaves leaves in the long term and is not offset with the nutrients of other vegetables. In fact kelor kelor is dangerous for a yellow disease and hepatitis because it can damage the tissue of blood around the heart. Konsumsilah leaves kelor and do not exceed 1000 milligrams of normal weight. This applies to men and adult women or at least 18 years old. Avoid Kelor leaves and replace it with other nutritious vegetables.

3. Abdominal pain

Drink water water can pressure abdominal muscles if the hull is empty. To avoid the abdominal pain that is wrapped in better stomach is not in an empty state. Drink one to 2 hours after eating. The side of kelor leaves kelor is the kind of abdominal pain to experience mild constipation or diarrhea.

4. Sperm failure

For a man who drinks kelor leaves, or as a friend of a daily rice friend in a large amount mak will gradually disrupt the sperm. The effect of kelior leaves can cause a sperm formation to be hampered and a man will experience early ejaculation and the failure of sperm formation.

5. Numb to paralysis

Consuming Kelor leaves or consumed by a long-term child can cause to die in certain body parts until the stage becomes paralyzed. The compounds on the kelor leaves are not forever suitable for human tissue. Manner individuals have body-resistant characters and different internal organs are different to the contents of the compounds that exist on kelor leaves.      

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