Ismail Haniyeh: Our people will not let this plan pass

RemajaIslamHebatNews - The head of the Islamic political organization of "Hamas" Ismail Haniyeh that the U.S. government recognizes the occupied city of Jerusalem as the capital of the state of the occupation and their embassy to Jerusalem beyond .

Haniyeh said in a message sent to the Arab leader and Islam, the secretary general of the Islamic conference of Islamic conference, Secretary General of the Arab countries and agencies and Arab and international organizations that the Palestinian people in all their lives will not allow this plan Passed and his choice will remain open to defend their lands and their sacred places. .

He added that the American government has proven throughout his history that it is biased for an open occupation, by standing in a series of racist and criminal agendas against the people of Palestine, and by adopting the government's .

It promises a clear challenge for all of the international conventions and norms, and a great provocation against the feelings of Arab and Islam, and will be the launch of a raging rage in the face of the Zionist .

The head of Hamas political bureau emphasized that the takeover of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is a dangerous escalation, which is a cover for Netanyahu's government to carry out his criminal plan to yudisialisasi .

Haniyeh added that Arab and Islamic country in his country, the government, the institution and the community were asked to take their historical responsibility against the city of Jerusalem that was occupied and stood united against the position of the us government .

He is calling for not to acknowledge these dangerous decisions and attempt to refuse and mengkriminalkannya, and work to mobilize the position of Arab and Islam to suppress the American government to stop this decision.

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