Islam is Noble and Glorified

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Islam is still the highlight and discussion of the world, but it is not the greatness, its progress and culture, as in the time of Islamic power when it The soldiers were feared by all forces, whose knowledge and education became the direction of scientists, and his culture and his culture made the world terkagumnya. Justice is served in every man without exception. Islam considers all the people who live in the state of caliphate as the people of Islam deserve the same treatment. There must be no discrimination between Muslims and dhimmi. The country must protect and protect faith, honor, sense, life, and their possessions. God has revealed the message.        

"whoever kills a man of you who has a security assurance for the truth, then he will not smell the fragrance of heaven, even from forty years". (hr. Ahmad     

Islam honours      

Islam is able to create wealth and glory in the life of a high man. And there is no one who is willing to accept the obligatory charity. It is, nothing else because no one is qualified to enter the criteria of recipient. The ruler has run an obligation as a servant of the nation. This is for the Lord of the creation. Education, health, shelter, and other need to be dependent and obligations of the country. But the people of the world will not be busy. Especially to pursue the value of the world and compete for it. However, they are more ambitious in great thoughts and great work for advancement and civilization.       

How the ruler is so him in running trust. Until the Caliph Umar is the most notorious and strong in the lead of a sudden cry and looked very stricken. The moment after hearing the information of one of his aide, that in Iraq there was an ass slipping his leg and fell kejurang for the path that was damaged and        

He said, " O Lord, do not die in the sight of Allah, when he is asked, " what is the matter with you :" Your people say, " if there is a donkey in the city of Baghdad, I am afraid of God, if you do not?".      

Another thing, how the country gets to pay attention to the position of a maid, to dibuatkanlah ceramics factory. It is, nothing else aims to protect the maids from the violence of the masters, if one day they break the furniture at the master's Then, the helper can replace it and take it for free from the factory provided by the government.       

That is the height, glory and prosperity in the shade of Islam. People, for God is all-knowing. So that man only walks in obedience and ketertundukan and only races to run the duties of the Lord.  Muslims today      

Muslims today, it has been the near talk of the world's media. Which is not in his strength, his knowledge and his culture, but in ketertindasan, weakness, and humiliation against the rulers of the world to them. Suspect as a terrorist, extremist, radikalis, intolerant. However, they were butchered, raped, burned, murdered, and thrown out of the birthplace. They were attacked from different tribes, race and religion, and then they were to fight, and they were to fight against each other.        

Some other Muslims don't even care about the condition of people. Because, it has been a tiresome life without unjung and certainty.  

In Pursuit, social position, recognition, award and title of education. And for those who are public, tersibukkan by seeking the need to torture and imprison. Begitpun boys the with the joys and pleasure of the humbling, free fraternization, drugs, courtship, entertainment, and various crimes until beyond reason. Terdoktrin by a simple pleasure offer from the idol. Terfasilitasi by the environment environment and the secular system, making perfect all the gaps to be destroyed.      

This condition should be able to make us look in the reflection of the Muslim Muslim in 1992 years ago. How they are safe, peace, and respect each other. Until how a muslimpun not will be his identity.        

Dress and behave as close as other people in the name of tolerance. The women do not wear krudung and that man is not seen at all dressed Muslims, leaving prayer and fasting is a reasonable thing, go kediskotik and bar. Familiar with the western moments such as Valentine, April fools, new year, Halloween and the like before the war. This is the portrait of the Bosnian Muslim family. If, in Indonesia a family like this is called secular or Islamic identification.        

However, Islam has become enough reason for Bosnian Muslims to be slaughtered. Hatred is so great in the chest of Serbian Christian leaders, throughout the year they are waiting for the right moment to attack Bosnian Muslims. Under Pimpiman Slobodan Milosevic, a fascist leader whose ambition to establish the serbs, eliminate genocide in any way, including systematic rape.       

The Bosnian Muslims who did not care about the value of Islam was stunned. Because of a different friend and sister who was familiar, now turn around and kill them. Reason One: ' cause they're Muslims.       

Bosnian Muslims are quickly aware of such conditions, that they are Muslims. Bosnian Muslim ethnic cleansing made them back in the true Islamic values. Lucky for them to be aware, the pity of those who have been killed in the form of a heathen, they will be dihukumi as the infidels. Ahmad and abundaud)      

In the midst of rubble that was destroyed, shrapnel shrapnel the and the mortar blast, and the cries of rape victims. Bosnian Muslims re-embrace their identity. The women are back in the hood and the men carrying arms to survive and start back to prayer, the accessibility began to reverberate in the gaps of the building. The Holy Qur ' an which has long been kept in the open cupboard.      

Will it, how are we today? We're almost too late. If today, many Muslims are criminalized, accused, despiseth, were ambushed in the struggle and humiliation in the book and teachings, but still leave the teachings of Islam. Then will you wait to die in kejahiliyahan.      

Wa lan tardla’anka al yahudu wa la al-nashara hatta tattabi’a millatahum. The Jews and the Christians will not be pleased with you until you follow their religion. 

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