Is really the baby's formula prone to excess weight?

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - ho or the ministry of health is recommended for the baby to get exclusive breast milk for 6 months of his first However, some babies may not be breast-fed because of certain reasons. Because Mom didn't come out, the baby couldn't breastfeed well, or there was also because she didn't want to breast-feed her baby. Finally, the baby was fed formula as his main food.

However, is it true baby milk formula easy to experience excess weight? .

research proves baby milk formula more vulnerable obesity Breastfeeding is the best food for the baby, so the mothers are advised to give the baby milk for the first six months of baby life. However, some babies have been given formula since early for various reasons. You may have to be careful, because the milk formula in the baby turns out to make babies overweight. Not only in the time of the baby, but it can also impact until he grows up. ...

reporting from the guardian site, research proves that baby milk bottles can be obesity in adulthood. At least 20 % obesity on adults caused by the advantages of eating in childhood, as it is said by professor Atul Singhal from mrc childhood nutrition research centre at the institute of child health in London.

Why is a baby milk formula can excess weight than baby milk? ..

it turns out there's a lot of reasons that can explain why baby milk milk or baby bottles can experience excess weight.

1. Formula easier consumed baby

the baby bottle of milk is more prone to eating excess because it will swallow all the milk given through the bottle easily. The milk given may be more than he needs, so it can increase his appetite in later days. Whereas, baby breastfeeding must be more hard-working to get breast milk. He is also more able to limit his own breast feed that he suck from mother's breast, so he can control his appetite.

2. Milk Formula contains more protein and fat

By its contents, milk formula contains high protein, high fat, and high sugar. It certainly can make baby milk milk more easily experience the excess calorie intake, so it's easier to experience weight gain.

Baby Milk Formula can consume about 70 % more protein than baby breastfeeding at the age of 3-6 months. It's not good because a highly high protein intake can stimulate the release of more insulin hormones. As a result, there is a more fat buildup in the baby's body.  

3. Milk Formula can increase the appetite of babies

Baby Milk Formula can be less sensitive to leptin in later days. Leptin is a hormone that regulates appetite and body fat. Lack of body sensitivity against leptin can create the appetite of babies to be great, so eat. In the end, it causes the baby to experience overweight or obese.  

Breastfeeding is believed to give a positive impact at the rate rate during baby and toddler. It makes the baby know more about "hungry and full" in his body, so he can set his own feed in order to be redundant.

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