Intifada Al-Quds is rolling, hundreds of wounded civilians

RemajaIslamHebatNews - Clashes between the Palestinians and the armies of the Zionist " Israel " occur in the series of al-Quds Freedom-Intifada, on the west bank, and a number of other Palestinian cities, post American Declaration, Al-quds capital " Israel ", about 162 Cuts. .

The Red Crescent in his report mentioned, their medical team in al-Quds and the west bank listing 116 casualties, consists of 4 Gunshot wounds, 18 gunshot wounds, and 75 others have been exposed to gas. Tears, the rest of the victims were beatings and others. .

Meanwhile, the Palestinian data says, 30 residents are experiencing a mild concussion and treated in a number of Palestinian clinics, one serious injury on the Gaza strip. .

Quds Press Headquarters Recorded 38 points of clash with Zionist invaders in the Palestinian territories until last night. .

In Qalqilia area, dozens of people are experiencing injuries in clashes with the Zionist armies. 4 Gunshot wounds, 42 were hit by a tear gas in a field medical team, and a Palestinian young man had a serious injury referred to a local government hospital. Clashes after the United States Declaration, claiming al-quds as the capital of Zionist. . Similar clashes took place at al-Quds, near the amod gate, the Zionist army beat up a number of journalists, and banned them covering the Two young men arrested and brought to the Zionist examination office at al-Quds. .

The Palestinian boys hit the military post zionist near shafat camp, Al-Quds North, there is a clash in the area, a boy has a gunshot wound to rubber bullets. .

The Palestinian information center says, the other clash is happening in Bethlehem, during a demonstration of Islamic and national organizations at the center of the city, then meet with the Zionist team near the north gate, the Zionist Army fires the protesters with tear gas, and catapult rubber bullets , a number of young men suffered minor injuries. .

In Tulkarm, 21 residents were wounded in fierce clashes with Zionist invaders, while hundreds of Palestinians protested in the west tulkarm area. .

Similar protests took place in ramallah, Hebron, nablus, Gaza strip and a number of other Palestinian cities, when protests protest against American policy claiming al-quds capital "Israel".

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