How can radiation cure cancer?

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Cancer is still a disease most feared by most people. Discovered that in the last two decades, cancer disease has increased by 70 %. Even according to the whos data there is 14 million new cancer cases, and 8,2 million people died of cancer in 2012., yet, along with The development of science and medical technology, patients who managed to recover from cancer are also increasing.

Nearly half of the cancer patients are advised to do radiotherapy in his treatment. But, normally the cancer patients are afraid if they have to go through radiotherapy, because they're beraggapan that radiation is dangerous or associated with nuclear, or even able to make the body But, is it true? How exactly did radiotherapy kill cancer disease? Does radiotherapy cause a bad impact? Is that radiotherapy treatment? ..

Radiotherapy is a way of treatment that relies on radiation by using high energy waves like, x rays, Gama, protons, and electrons to kill cancer cells. Although radiotherapy is most often used to treat cancer patients, but sometimes this therapy is also used to treat non-cancer patients, such as tumors and disruptions to thyroid glands.

How do I work with cancer? In normal and healthy cells, the cells in the body will thrive by dividing themselves. On patients who have cancer, cancer cells also do self-cleavage, but in very fast and abnormal tempo. It's caused by the dna that exists in a normal cell mutated then into a cancer cell, so these cells develop abnormally. Radiotherapy works in a way of damaging the dna that regulates cancer cells, so the cells can no longer grow and even die. Normal cells can also be affected by radiotherapy, but the side effects will be lost if they don't do therapy. Unlike chemotherapy that affects all parts of the body for using the blood flow as an intermediary, radiotherapy is a local medicine that aims to reduce the number of cancer cells without having to damage the cells and networks around the cancer cells. ...

What's the side effect of radiotherapy?

Radiotherapy can work itself against cancer, but can also be accompanied by other cancer treatment like chemotherapy or operation. It depends on how severe the cancer suffered and which part of the body has cancer. Because if radiotherapy is done along with another method, then the cancer cells will be easier and fast to be removed from the body. But radiotherapy doesn't always have to successfully kill cancer cells or normal cells that are growing. To make him die and don't grow back, it takes a few days or even weeks. Normal networks are often affected by radiation. It's a body network that does a continuous cleavage, like skin, some tissue in the digestive system, as well as bone marrow. Therefore, the side effects will arise some time after doing radiotherapy.

The most recent impact of patients who do radiotherapy is: Problems with the skin. A lot of patients who do radiotherapy have dried skin, itch, and peel. It appears after a couple of weeks live radiotherapy. ..

Tired. Patients will feel exhausted all day. The level of fatigue depends on how much radiation is given and whether to do another treatment method or not. ...

Long-term impact. Most of the impact or side effects that appear will be lost by itself when the body has done a network improvement. But sometimes this side effect arises back in the future. ..

Is it safe?

Yes, of course it's safe to be done and really help the medical team to eliminate cancer cells and speed up the treatment. This therapy has managed to cure cancer patients for less than 100 years.

Radiotherapy is necessary to lower the risk of a cancer relapse in the next day. If you are required to do radiotherapy as your cancer treatment, then discuss this to the therapy or medical team that is handling you to know how good preparation is in doing radiotherapy and how many times radiotherapy must be done. 

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