Heaven's Palace for Your Friend

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - One day Umar ibn khattab alfaruq complains to the messenger of the messenger of Abu Bakr siddiq, who disturbed his mind. Omar said:         

" O Messenger, let me express my fear of what Abu Bakr has done to me." The Messenger of the messenger replied:       "reconcile my dear friend, then continue your heart". After it was quiet, Umar said:     

" some time, Abu Bakr met with me, but he didn't greet me right away, he was waiting for me first to say hello to him. I don't know what it did to him." The Messenger of God does not want this trouble to interfere with the friendship between these two beloved friends.      

But The Messenger (Muhammad saw) said, " The Messenger (Muhammad saw) will be made to And When Abu Bakr present, he said, " O my people!       Then Abu Bakr responded to a full-loving answer that made the rest of the room. He said:       

" O Prophet, I have heard you say: He said to his brother, 'he will raise him in the garden.'     

"then I want the palace * be his umar ibn Khattab * dear friend"      

So that he may cry out to him, and hold on to his noble companions. Allah gave us a friend like them, O Lord, the most honourable. Aamiin Al-Hasan Al-Basra:     

Remember your friends, because they have an affair on the day of resurrection.       

Abul Hasan as-Sadzili: If an enemy can bring you nearer to Allah, it is better than a friend who keeps you away from God. '        

This note I give to my best friend who never gets tired of doing good and peaceful with the waves of scorn. Hopefully we can be friend, each and foster, who will meet each other in pleasure. May be better and useful. Robbana Minna Allah will accept it from us. Safe!

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