Hamas: it's time for Israel to pay off their crimes

RemajaIslamHebatNews - Hamas resistance movement, Wednesday (13/12/2017) said that the tax of the crimes of Israeli invaders against the people of Palestine and the holy places have increased. The time is close for the Zionist invaders to pay off the taxes. .

It's defined Hamas in a press conference on a 30-year anniversary of movement. Hamas explain, " today we promise and swear. Pledged to the people of Palestine to achieve victory. And you swear to the invaders that the crimes of attack against the Palestinian people and the holy places have increased and the time of payoffs is near." .

Hamas added, " Al-Quds is the capital of Palestine, not the east and not the west, (Al-Quds) Arab and Islam." Hamas continues, " desperate decisions to declare the holy city of Palestine-quds as the capital of Zionist Zionist Is the decision of the clumsy people who will find failure." .

Wednesday (6/12/2017) then, President of American Donald Trump declares a decision that recognizes the sacred city of Palestine Al-quds as the capital of the zionist state of Zionist and intend to transfer the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to al - This decision has sparked protests and anger in the Arab and Islamic world, as well as an international warning and an international warning for impact and consequences. .

The United Nations cooperation organization (Oki) on Wednesday yesterday has called the emergency summit in Istanbul. In a cover statement, the summit calls for all world countries to recognize al-Quds East as the capital of the Palestinian state . In related context, the Hamas movement says, " we will continue to continue the release project and the resistance with all its forms until the release of the last of the .

Hamas are calling for the Palestinian national factions to be together carrying the responsibilities of the fatherland through partnership and consensus, based on the principles protecting the rights and national constants, and made all the form of cooperation and security coordination with the Zionist Zionist. .

And Hamas assert the role of the Palestinian authority must be in order to serve the people and protect their keamana, their rights and their national projects. .

Hamas recalls that plo is a national frame for the Palestinians inside and abroad. Therefore the plo must be guarded and done development and restructuring over the basic principles of democracy. .

Hamas explain, his side is trying to establish a balanced relationship, which is to be raised between the Palestinian questions and the interests of the people . Every year, December 14th, the Hamas movement commemorates the anniversary of movement in 1987.[]

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