Hamas: Israel must be responsible for the attacks to Gaza

RemajaIslamHebatNews - The Hamas resistance movement confirms that Zionist colonists must be responsible for escalation and attacks launched into the Gaza strip. .

Spokesman Hamas Qasim Qasim said that an Israeli attack to Gaza strip on Thursday yesterday is a continuation of Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people of the Palestinians all where they are. .

He states that a zionist attack onto this gaza strip has occurred after several hours of the assassination of the Palestinians Muhammad ouda who shot the Jewish settlers on the west bank. Israel is responsible for this escalation and its effects. .

Bassam insists that attack to Gaza strip will not be able to break the will of the Palestinian people and will not stop his efforts to take the freedom of the . He says that the resistance is doing his right to defend the people in dealing with Zionist aggression. .

At least three of the Palestinians suffered wounds in a series of air attacks that were launched in the Zionist invaders of Thursday (30/11/2017) night to a number of Palestinian resistance posts in various Gaza strip areas.

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