Decide from Faith

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Who and how we are not important, but how we do that is all that matters. As well as the glory, it's not enough to be seen from where he is, but only how his actions are taken. Then, start an act with doubt, even if it's just a speck and then let it, then it will only destroy the success of the great       

Because, doubt is like a virus that will continue to spread and penetrate to the deepest organs. He doesn't seem to be invisible, but obviously he will kill in life. Then, seeking the cause of doubt is the beginning to do. Before you start and lead a choice.        

Doubt can be present by mistake and can also cause a clue to quickly decide. Either the decision to step forward, switch direction or have to step back and stop for a while. Everything doesn't matter!.       

The only problem is when we don't be honest with ourselves. Then insist on living only with consideration from the outside. Then, continue to step in the direction that had been planned should not be done. Because, he will only reveal a real wound to a virus that exists.      

Though, the happiness of the future does not always have to step according to its diukurkan, but will only step according to what needed. If you turn around or even turn back and stop for a moment is what it takes, then keep going forward is a mistake. Live the life of a necessity not for desire. But the desires of those who are in need.       How the success of your time is not measured from that without problems, but to him who is always ready for trouble. It's not that comfortable with his position, but only he wants to keep changing to increase at speed.       

Whereas, in trouble he will remain on every step of the journey, then don't have to run or ask death to end. Simply take the decision and menyakini it as the right path. Because, we are the leader of ourselves. None except his own soul. Controlling all emotions and making sense as guidance. Then take the decision that we believe, although there will be a great challenge and it has never been felt. By knowing that the decision shouldn't always go forward, but it would be very likely to be a little behind. What's important is where faith is.      

And do not be ungrateful. However, make it a colorful color polishing and beautify the painting of life. If we see it, it will bring praise and flattery, then be grateful. But if we see it, it will be brought back to you. Still indicates that we are still capable and will continue to step.       

Stepping in faith and kemantaban, even in the view of cynicism and humility it will be more noble than stepping in doubt in the sight of good and good luck Then decide, even if it looks painful. Indeed, it is that which will heal. 

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