Children and challenges of Digital Age

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Our children today are the native people of the world called the digital world, where the children are surrounded by various positive and negative information, views and impressions are bersiliweran and abundant and hard to sift. One side becomes more open without the boundaries of space and time, the other side there is another room that cannot be controlled by parents. The world is personal because of gadgets, social media, the internet is in hand.           

Look at the teenage boys competing for her privacy space, just just her dad didn't give her money money, she posted on fb and curcor on Twitter. Photos that shouldn't be tossed stocked on instagram media just simply prove themselves that she exists in the virtual world. As well as adults don't miss it, making digital as a living, business, educational education, can also be a means to show off photos of wife, photos of both, culinary tourism etc. It is also used to establish an opinion in a struggle.          

Surely an old man has to be wise in handling the digital world, must have the consciousness of this world so that it can take decisions that can certainly take advantage of him in the memperudah of all Don't want to be the one who became a pioneer of children's destruction by facilitating the digital means without protek. The education world also needs the virtual world to get various information, science and other means to support quicker access and make business easier. But it has to be observant and scrupulous against technology that should be able to deliver our children enlightened with Islam, instead of being trapped in the damage of the Islamic personality           

Often our mother uses the means of gadgets with various applications in it and the record is easily accessible by a child like a game given. A boy with an attractive toy as a nanny to the mother of the mother, in the middle of a rush to complete a household job or another job, so that the child Maybe at the beginning, but as the children age, the other slow games have menstimulus kids well so that it depends on addiction. If it's like this, mom will be hard to release the kid from the game, ' cause the kid gets cranky and cranky when gadgets from And when the boy turns up to be an adolescent gadget becomes something to be owned by a child.  That's how it's all about digital appeal. Could be the reason for a kid playing out in a neighbor's house, while our mother didn't want to be bothered with a neighbor's kid and a bad influence of a neighbor, just like       

Please don't play out of the house, without considering whether the game is harmful or it's not important that kids don't play outside. Keasikan this boy could be hours even eating and minumpun gadgets can not escape from the child's grasp. The reality can be joined to an old man who is unaware of the digital danger to the child and the massive impact that appears from games, views and impressions.      

On the other side, even the mother of our mother is busy with gadgets, children left without communication and attention. The children of others are attended, lit via group wa because they are as teachers to say, while their own children are not built by proximity and productive communication because each is busy with its own nature.       

Interactions in social media are interaction with a lot of people, but these interactions are superficial. Then jalinlah the same interaction with a lot, because it will be more profound. The boy is the closest man to the old man, who in communication and approaches him. ' cause most of the old people are close to children with a productive communication will make a deep connection between parents and children. This is the key to which the child will receive easily what an old man will teach him. Especially if the interaction is an engagement of thinking that was built on the foundation of aqidah Islam.       

Facing a digital challenge requires a consciousness, one side of the mother's father facing the other side facing the digital world who is ready to seize the rights of children's education and ready to destroy the Not a few kids can be difficult and hard to listen to advice just because its focus on gadget in his grasp or tv is always available.        

The temptation for our children is great to digital, therefore we have to prepare them to act according to the truth to think of their life so that they may live in the influence of the mind that berlandasakan aqidah islamiyyah and do according to what God is allowed and what can't be , not by lust of lust. This is where we are red to form the Islamic personality of the child, deliver them to the heights of thinking and the height         

The Islamic personality must be distimulasi since early and the the is our mother's father first before the others, not digital. Early children need strong foundation placements in base base islamiyyah and in Sharia standards in charity. Surely it requires focus, focus, rainfall, time and power, can't be part-time. Making the study program in stimulation is the best reward for his education and that is the best of gifts.       

This Islamic personality is a strong form of life in a child so that the child seems kesalehannya since early age, so the success at this age can deliver success to the next age. Ananda has had to be built since this age so he is not susceptible to it but can lead his mind by Aqidah Islam and lead others with the thoughts he has.       

More than that, the seed of Mujahid has to be implanted, so in the chest of child can feel the meaning of a struggle for the glory of Even when the seeds of Mujahid grow in him can bring his spirit to win every battle of civilization and deliver Islam back to the pinnacle of the world of civilization. If this process has been the mother of the mother bank since early, then ananda will come out of the native world of the digital world, he will rise to the heights of thinking and have a great ambition to be khairu Ummah for all All I all bishshowab 

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