Caliphate Islam will return to lead the World

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - In the presence of the alumni of action alumni 212, teacher zulkifli m ali displays the five phases of Islamic Muslims since the era of the messenger saw until the end      

" the promise of Allah in the Qur ' an anul Karim Letter Nur Verse 55, the future will be entrusted, entrusted by God to Muslims. It is recognized by the great intelligence agencies that 2020 over the Islamic Caliphate will return to lead this world," he said, Saturday (2/12/2017) across monas, Jakarta.       

He also stated in the hadith of Imam Ahmad who was authenticated by the Sheik Ahmad Syakir, the messenger states that the Muslims will all undergo five phases. (Muhammad saw) the first time, the prophethood, and the prophet, he said.       

Secondly, " the abbasid phase with the prophetic concept, has ended with Hasan Bin Ali as a leader," he says.      

Third, " Phase Caliphate with royal concept. Is finished on March 3, 1924 with the collapse of caliphate utsmaniah in turkey," emphasized.       

Fourth, " the phase of oppression to Islam and Muslims, our phase. A dictatorship, our phase. And this phase must end!" strictly speaking.       

Five, " and will come phase five, phase finale. You will return to uphold islam in the face of the earth covering the face of the earth," role then the interpretation of

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