Benefits of coppeng (Makassar)

RemajaIslamHebatHealthy - The fruit that has the name of syzigium syzigium is very rare to be found. Lack of vegetation, is one of the major factors associated with kelangkaannya.      

When has a myriad of advantages. Most of the plants have been known for their usefulness. According to some research, here is the syzygium benefits:     

Wood parts are beneficial to treat diabetes.     

The leaves have many uses, among others as antioxidants, anti-virus, anti-inflammatory (inflammation), and role in lower sugar levels in blood (Anti-Diabetes), treat konstipasi, and eliminate allergies.     

The Fruit of the his will be the anthocyanin content as an antioxidants and is able to repel free radicals.      

Syzygium potential as anti-cancer. The Anthocyanin that gives the purple skin to the skin of jamblang, is also a natural natural coloring source used in the food industry.      

In addition to anthocyanin, syzygium contains contains substances between other vitamin C, Vitamin A, riboflavin, Kolin, Folic Acid, amino acids.      

Fruit also contains various minerals, among other sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, Zinc, and manganese.      

Other Syzygium Benefits, namely the cholesterol and anti-diabetes.

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