Be careful, the guy who got a potential psychopath selfie

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - According to the research conducted by Ohio State University and has been published in the journal of personality and individual diffrences, men who like to photograph themselves are men who tend to narcissistic and potentially own personal psychopath.      

Through an online survey conducted against 800 men, this research asked about a man's habits while using social media. This question is designed to measure the level of obsession against yourself, the potential psychopathic (all bad things, for example lack of empathy), and objectification yourself (looking at yourself, from good vantage point).      

Results were found that there was a connection between the male personality attributes and the number of selfies uploaded. Investigators say, the man who posted more selfies, has a very high-level narcissist and it can lead to psychopathic behavior.       

The lean was very severe to a man who liked editing photos to look better than the original appearance 

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