Badran: Hamas in the west has responded to a call to defend Jerusalem

RemajaIslamHebatNews - A member of the political bureau movement of Islam "Hamas" Hossam Badran, that the Hamas movement on the west side is occupied to respond to a call to defend the city of Jerusalem . Badran says in a press statement, Friday: that Hamas is ready to defend Jerusalem, and the progress of mass in the resistance and confrontation directly with the Zionist occupation. .

He insists that the Hamas compass on the west bank has not changed and has not changed while there is surgery, pain and persecution. .

Badran gives tribute to our Palestinian people in every place of their existence for their early positions in the matter of Jerusalem, which is the core of the conflict and the address of our unity. .

And witnessed various cities and territories in the demonstrations of west bank and Gaza, refusing the decision to trample in the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist occupation, while other areas witnessed a confrontation in the place of contact with the occupation, resulting in a martyr and more Wounded people.

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