Bachtiar Nasir: I am sure the resurrection of Islam will appear in Indonesia

News, Remaja Islam Hebat - The intellectual council and Indonesian Ulema (Miumi) held the service to the people of society and Islamic institutions on the Sunday (19/11/2017).      

Ustadz Bachtiar Nasir, as secretary general miumi said the event in order to build Indonesia is better with the science of scholars and good manners from all the scholars.      

" a movement that will build Indonesia with science and decency," he says in the event in the cabin cabin lodge, surakarta.     

Man is also saying that the Islamic civilization in this century will emerge from Indonesia. He told me while being in Mecca in the umrah order. There he met some of the world figures and talked about the resurrection of Islam.     

" that time inside me, there was pride, sad and hesitant. But I'm sure, we sure can, insyaallah," he said.      

In Service, he said, to treat the old wounds so that the attitude of each other and his own group will not repeat itself. As long as masyumi has to rise by itself, so is nu.      

" will the old wounds continue to continue, until we divide," sambungnya.     

" I hope a meeting like this becomes a more powerful model to win (Islam) in the future," he says. Qibla. Net)

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