Avoid drinking cold water after eating

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - You like to drink cold water after eating? If it is, it better be stopped. Why is that? According to medical science, drinking cold water after eating will freeze the freshly consumed greasy food.      

Prevents you from treating, that's the advice that our parents are reminded of. But sometimes we're negligent and even often breaking. Food and drink patterns that we consume every day very influential to our health, fast food and cold drinks are the one that contributed bad to health, why?      Because of a cold drink after eating will narrow down our intestines. It's delicious, drinking cold water after eating, like: Cold Cola, sweet sweet tea, ice cream or other cold syrup, but remember....... It can be fatal. Cold conditions will freeze the freshly eaten greasy food. This will slow the digestive process.      

When Fat-fat is formed in the gut, it will narrow the digestive tract and soon it will cause the fat to gather so we are getting fatter or heading towards the emergence of various      

To avoid such things, get used to drinking hot water, hot tea or whatnot. , of course, with a proper heat to drink. Reduce the habit of cold drinks that have cooled in the fridge or mixed ice. A cold drink could lead to the blood channels from large to the size of our hair.    

About Hot water related to "heart attack" of course there is korelasinya. For those who have the coroner's heart disease any percentage of penyumbatannya, will ease the heart attack when used to drink cold water. So because the coroner can harden and curl up so that the slots can shrink that in turn can impede the speed of the heart. Therefore, to inhibit the curl process and mengerasnya the coroner's channel, get used to it drinking hot water.      

For those who have the coronary heart attack, it's good to have a hot enough water to develop the coroner's feed, before taking the next medical action.     

Everyone has to recognize the signs of heart attacks especially the coronary heart. When the left hand feels often pegel from the fingers to the shoulder and then followed often tingling. Then, the pain in the left chest and through the back. Followed by dizziness, shortness of breath and cold sweat. Then these symptoms are the beginning or the beginning of a heart attack. When we recognize the symptoms, then proceed to an act of boiling water, before taking the medicine to dilute the blood like trombo aspilet, ascardia or palavic.       

The Coroner's therapy with hot water, of course it's just to prevent cardiac arrest. The best way to prevent the coronary heart attack is our healthy behavior, as the tips below.

1. Performs A Regular Sports Act according to the age of age and consistently consistent. If possible, do every day with a minimum of 10 thousand steps;

2. Eat the good and halal and avoid the high-Fat Absinthe like on meat giblets, ell, greasy (Fried-fried), and containing chemicals (sweeteners, preservatives and pelezat). Avoid smoking. It's dangerous;

3. Life understated, patient, clean life and environment

4. to reduce the cholesterol rate in our blood, then get used to diet by fasting or reduce food like the second point

5. When now we've experienced the symptoms of cardiac arrest, so work hard with the doctor. The more we recognize the initial symptoms of cardiac attack, and perform the action as point one to the sixth, then it will be wide open to a lethal heart attack. Hopefully we will always be given good health by God. And in good health, we can worship well and live our lives in peace. 

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