Arabia is moving along with the us and Zionist to suppress Palestine

RemajaIslamHebatNews - New York times, the American newspaper reported the meeting of the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman with the president of the president of Mahmoud Abbas, in the last month in Riyadh. Both discuss what the media has known as "a century deal" for the settlement of Palestine and ending the Arab-Israeli conflict. While the president of the presidency nabil abu nabil denies the authenticity of the report. But until the news has been revealed, there is no official refusal of the Palestinian presidential office. .

Related to what the New York times is mentioned, Saudi Arabia has offered a new peace plan that includes the placement of abu dis adjacent to the city of al-quds as capital of the Palestinian state and instead of al-quds .

With This plan, then Palestine will get their country in the special part of the west side, not all, not contact geographically with limited authority on those areas. While the settlement of Israel remains dwelling in there, without any change. Palestine did not get al-Quds East as their capital, and there is no right back to the Palestinian refugees. .

Bin Salman suggests the area of abu dis is the capital of the state of Palestine," the word of the newspaper is citing an official official . The offer includes financial compensation to the Palestinian authority, and the expansion of Gaza territory in the border of Sinai to compensate for the settlement. .

According to the report, which is based on the statements of a number of people close to both the Saudi government and the Palestinians mentioned, many officials in Washington and the middle east, were shocked They regard this as a form of Arabic service to the president of the United States. .

This Saudi plan has angered a number of officials in the white house. They are questioning, whether the crown prince is acting on behalf of the trump government in his attempt to gain advantage of him or provide a free service??. He tries to put pressure to the Palestinians and to show that trump's plan is a generous offer and acceptable, according . .

This newspaper is also discussing, the speaker of the crown prince's bid raises the concern of the United States. They requested an explanation from the white house on this plan. Like France through penesehat President Emmanuel Macron who says, Paris listens to a copy of the plan. Saw the plan like an Israeli plan that certainly will not be accepted by Palestine. .

Paris has been mengkhabarakan to America if they want to gain support, must be remembered that France and other countries have interests also in this area," said the French office. .

He added, Ben Salman has given a choice to abbas between accepting this offer within the maximum period of two months or resigned from his position as president of Palestine. .

The us newspaper describes the Saudi plan as a biased plan by Israel, and cannot be accepted by any Palestinian leader. .

Al-Quds is the place of the messenger of the messenger when isra mi ' Raj, a rightful place for the Palestinians, will not be given to anyone even to shed blood.[Palestina]

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