Arab organization for human rights: Arab countries have abandoned and ignored Palestine

RemajaIslamHebatNews - A British human rights group revealed on Monday that the Arab countries had left the Palestinian destination and had sworn to defend their system by sacrificing a central issue. .

Arab organizations for human rights in England, " Palestinian people through the history of conflict do not find real support from these countries and Israel remain free hands that launch war and commit murder, arrest and foreclosure and confiscation of land and settlements without a preventer. .

International agencies confirm that this deal, being adopted by the president of the U.S. Donald Trump and gets the urge of the Arab parties in the front line of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, who suffered an internal crisis and the outside mill is a waste of great human resources and . .

" Saudi-Israel perspective with the United States has appeared under the umbrella facing Iran's influence and expand in the area in a deal with Israel and the United States who waste the rights of the Palestinian people that cannot be lifted." .

And stressed that this deal will not resonate without the support of the Arab countries mentioned, and these countries do not care about the rights of the Palestinian people as it is set as the right of the citizens does not care what is important is to preserve these country systems regardless of the Human Rights System or international law rule .

The organization insists that the Jerusalem issue in International Affairs has always been associated with peace and international security and that it botched it is a serious threat to peace and international security, which is an action by any party to change the state of the city . Arab League, organisation of Islamic cooperation and European Union requests the Arab League, Islamic cooperation organisation and European Union to move towards the United Nations General Assembly to hold an emergency session under the united resolution for peace to take action to protect Jerusalem and control the U.S. government. .

And assume that the true response to the us step plan is to tighten the boycott of Israel at the official level and support the Palestinian people at all levels in the country and in .

Arab organization for human rights in the United Kingdom say that " the Palestinian people stand alone in the city of Jerusalem who maintain their arab cultural identities in front of all the tools intended to do yudaisasi and the maximum demolition, and the cessation of the Arabic regime regime doesn't do anything To the persecution of the people of Jerusalem and fight for their city." .

" Arab countries did not contribute to stop the intent attack in the city of Jerusalem and did not attempt to strengthen the resolve of the people in matters to drive poverty, restore homes, build a housing unit, support construction projects and other necessities of life that would have .

The Arab organization emphasizes that the resolution of that kind is under Arab silence, Islam and Europe will be a blow to all the resolutions issued by the United Nations General Assembly and the security council, which in his speech and his past confirmed that Jerusalem has been occupied and that all actions What Israel does in the city is illegal and no longer applies. . .

Recently, the U.S. media has reported the determination of the United States President of Donald Trump to admit Jerusalem as an eternal mother of Israel and United. .

US officials said last Friday that trump intends to confess the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in a speech next Wednesday. .

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