Al-quds belong to the Muslims

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world. The City with a very long historical record, including the war, and the alternation of power that stands on it. .

Many people think of this city as a sanctuary for three religions, Jews, Christians, and Islam. However, this place belongs to the Muslims. Not only because in it is the mosques of the the, the third sacred mosque for Muslims. However, because of Jerusalem or as well as we refer to it as al-Quds is the land that the prophets inherit . Indeed, the prophet is the kub of the descendants of Israel. Dawud (David) and Solomon, the two greatest kings who were led to al-Quds and the descendants of Israel. .

But remember, these three are not Jewish. The Prophet is Muslims. These are the slaves of Allah and the messenger of Allah. They belong in the true creed of Abraham. .

But the Jews are not the nation. They are musyrikun, who recognizes Ezra as the son of God. They've deviated from milah ibarhim. Not a few inherit of the prophet ya ' kub, their ancestors. And, not to follow the will of David and Solomon. Therefore, a few of them have no heir to the land of the prophets. .

Ibrahim (Abraham) is the Muslims. The Prophet is only the Muslims. With Dawud (David) AND SULAIMAN (Solomon). Is the only one who will be able to inherit al-Quds. .

By now, the people of Israel want to seize al-Quds, it is not appropriate for the Muslims to remain silent. At least, insert a prayer for those who are struggling to defend the honor of al-Quds. For those who are willing to get hurt, to stretch. For every hand that keeps throwing rocks without fear.

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