A lot more dangerous than smoking?

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - too much sitting turned out to be a time bomb for health. The recent research conducted in England mention, too much sitting increasing the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, bowel cancer, muscle problems and back, brittle bones, depressed even demnsia.        

Brits spend 8,9 hours each day to sit down. Plus with seven hours of sleep each day, it means the average body is only used about 8 hours to walk. In extremes, the experts even described sitting as an "activity" as dangerous as smoking. 'sitting is a new smoking', so says the experts.      

Sitting is a time bomb for the health that's just waiting for it to explode. Who even identified inactivity as the number four killer in the world. Specially in England, they spend $ 1 billion pounsteling to treat his back pain, neck and muscle due to too much sitting or less motion.      

A new campaign 'Get Britain standing' in England recently launched to trigger active people move. Gavin Bradley, Director ' Get Britain standing ' says basically everyone is aware of a bad lifestyle, but they don't even realize how bad the living lifestyle is. In fact, the computer and tv for 40 years also became one of the modern human beings spent more time to sit down.       " spend a little time sitting really able to add age. It's an important message," says Bradley, it's like an quoted.       Who recommend an adult doing a moderate physical exercise for 150 minutes during the week, or at least 30 minutes for five days.     

John Buckley, one of the sports experts in Chester University said this exercise wouldn't be much useful when someone too much sitting.     

He metaphors the bike benefits for 30 minutes can be lost if someone is too much sitting. It means to exercise but then consuming food with a non-healthy diet. Or, someone who works out of sports but still smoking. Sitting too long will mempelambat body metabolism so the lipoprotein enzyme enzyme will split up body fat. On the other side of glucose levels and pressure in the blood will be meningjat. If it's done again, sitting will damage the parts in the veins.       

A study in England in 1950 researching the driver who spent a lot of time to sit at risk 1,5 times more likely to suffer a heart disease compared to a more frequent driver.

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