9 benefits of Banana Peel

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - It turns out bananas are not just the flesh. It turns out that his skin can use it.    

HERE WE SHARE 9 benefits of Banana Peel:    

1. As a pain reliever. The skin contains a certain amount of vegetable oil, as well as a very good compound to dampen the pain The way it's easy enough, the skin of a banana that has been cleaned and is still fresh in the parts of your body that experiences pain for burning or scratched sharp objects.     

2. Overcoming the itch. If you often feel an itch because of a insect bite and an ant, use a banana peel. Just stick it in an itchy skin surface.     

3. Expel expel wart. Warts are usually small, but they're still annoying. It can you handle with a banana peel. How to put a banana peel on the warts, hold it and paste it into plaster and leave it as long as Do this until the warts stop growing and disappear completely from the skin.     

4. Accelerated healing wounds. If you have a wound covered in black skin and it looks annoying, just stick to banana skin so that the black skin will disappear without a mark.     

5. removed headaches. The way, simply mind the banana peel and stick it in the head like compressed. In some time, your headache will be lost.     

6. Annihilates Acne. The same as everyone else. Enough Sticks. Could also be mashed and then made like a mask. Use it at night.    

7. As an alternative power source. Recent research proves the skin of a banana contains electrical power so that it can be electric.    

8. Replacement Shoe Polish. It's easy enough, Peel a banana peel and use the skin to your shoes.    

9. as penjernih water and oil. The best banana skin is a kind of golden banana. The way it is, it's enough to put it in the water and the oil to rarefied.     

Nahhh, from now on to eat the peel of his skin don't get thrown away. >>> please 'share' Hopefully useful

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