6 Tips to communicate with kids who are growing up

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Keep communication with your child who's growing up, it won't be easy when they're still kids. At that age, often they feel old enough and be able to do whatever it takes. Therefore, no wonder if at that age they will be more difficult to communicate because they think they have the "right" to determine what they want to do. But as an old man, as hard as you face, you still need to be on their side to provide guidance, affection, and support. Give them space to grow, but stay in your eyes; one of them is keeping communication.

Unfortunately, the difference between you and the boy growing up is often triggering the debate. It doesn't rarely make your relationship with a child being tenuous, or, your child loses trust to communicate with you. ' cause it's a few things you can do to keep good communication with teenagers:

1. Give them space

Teenage boys depend on their friends. You don't have to feel dinomorduakan or think of your child away from you. Because, at this age, your son begins to learn independent, so it doesn't wonder if at this age your son starts spending more time with his friends or has a secret that you can't know.

2. Make special time

You may be having trouble communicating with the child because he spends more time playing with his friends. Therefore, you need to make a special time to hang out with your child, such as the anniversary of a family member or holiday celebration. By doing this, you do not only improve your relationship with the child, but you also teach about interpersonal communication.

3. Be a good listener

when they're still children, you can still give me a direct question, for example, " how was school?" or " how was the test today?" to start communication. But, on teen children, those questions will sound annoying and make them lazy to answer it. Therefore, when your child is growing up, all you need to do is position yourself as a good listener, without much giving questions or teaching. By doing that, your child will be more comfortable and openly providing information without being forced.

If you listen to what they say, you'll get a better understanding of guidance, perspective, and support they need. By Listening, they will also know that they get full attention from you, and you're trying to understand their feelings.

4. Dual communication

being a good listener doesn't mean you can't break a single word. Of course you can still give advice and advice to your son. These two directions are very important because it can make your child feel heard and understood, so make them more open with you.

5. Give them "lunch" information

Pre-teen age is a vulnerable age because at this age they will see a lot of things in its neighborhood. Because of that, you need courage to talk about fraternization right now. ...

You need to provide the right information to them (including about sex, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and more); because if not, they will get information that may not necessarily be true from anyone else. It is done to build a strong foundation and give them information that corresponds with progress.

6. Don't hesitate to ask them

Not uncommon, your son will use the gaul they use with his friends. So, if you don't know the meaning of that language, you don't have to hesitate to ask about the meaning of the language The more you know and sometimes use those words, the child will feel close to you.

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