3 these bad habits make us look old than real age

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - In fact, appearances aren't too old from real age it's easy, just have to get rid of these 3 bad habits in everyday life.

1. Doesn't eat enough vegetables and fruit

Nutritional needs from vegetables and fruit so that cells can regenerate and dispose of poison in the body. In The American Academy of Dermatology, explained that some research discovered that eating enough fruit and vegetables were able to fight skin damage.

2. Too often smoking and drinking alcohol    

In the study of American cancer societymengungkapkan that the bad effect of smoking is to undermine the entire body of organs, which is no exception to make the skin Published studies in plastic and reconstructive surgery found that the smoking people tend to have eye bags, dark lips and wrinkled skin than those who don't smoke.

3. Less sleep

According to the study in Stockholm, those less sleep nights look much older than the real age. " face is one of the features of the easy body " read " so when it is not fit, easily visible from the look of someone's face. The same thing applies to insomnia a. They look old because they always feel tired all day," bright Tina Sundelin, head of research.      

In addition, due to a dull and older look, according to Tina, it's finally created an image of a weak person so that it makes them vulnerable to criminal action. []

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