212 Grand Reunion

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Aware, completed the struggle, upholding the religion of God And those who deny the truth make a lie, so God will requite them. And Allah is the best avenger makar (QS ALI IMRAN: 54).      

There will be a leader of you who will lead you astray. He is not one of them, and I am not of his party, nor am I of his party.        

The most important jihad is to say the truth before the wrongdoing ruler (hr Ahmad of Abu said al khudzri) The Lord of the evildoers, and he who stands in the presence of the wrong-doers, he instructs him, and forbids them, and he is the Lord of the book.     

There will be for you some of them. Anyone who recognizes the're will be freed and anyone who denies their evil will survive. He will say, " God is all-forgiving and all-merciful (HR Islamic from)      

You are the best people who are born to man, enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong, and believe in Allah. (QS ALI IMRAN: 110)     

And those of you who have seen evil, let him turn evil in his hands, if we is not able to change it. That is as weak as the faith of the Muslims of Abu said) O ye who believe! Obey Allah and obey the messenger, and those in authority among you. (Qs an nisaa: 59).       

The truth is only the law of Allah (Qs al an ' am: 57)      

Is the judgement of the pagan laws that they desire, and who is better than God for those who are convinced?"      

And those who deny our signs and are proud of them. They are the inmates of the fire; they will remain in it [forever." Al a ' RAF: 36).         

And hold on to the ropes of Allah, and do not divorce them, and remember Allah's favour to you when you were the enemies of Allah, so he united your hearts, and you were for the favor of Allah. Brothers, and you will be on the brink of a pit of fire, and God will save you from it. Thus does Allah clarify his signs for you, so that you may be guided. (QS ALI IMRON: 103)      

Allah has promised those of you who believe and do righteous deeds, that he will cause them to prevail over the earth, just as he has made those before them, and he will confirm them. A religion he has chosen for them, and he will change them after they are in fear. They worship me, and do not associate anything with me. And whoever disbelieves after that - it is they who are the fasiqun (rebellious, disobedient to Allah). (QS ANNUR: 55) We have not sent you except for a mercy to the universe (QS. Al Anbiyaa: 107)       

If the people of the land had believed and guarded (against evil), we would surely have bestowed upon them blessings from the heavens and the earth, but they denied it, so we seized them for what they used to do (Qs al a ' RAF: 96)        

212 martial arts reunion is not related to the bustle of the frenzied party 2019, the action of this nation is related to the importance of unity, resurrection and struggle of Muslims Because religion is the most fundamental belief in every human being. Whoever he is, if his religion is bound to defend him. To lose wealth, and power, nyawapun will be offered to defend his religion.       

Akbar 212 martial arts is not a demonstration action, the action of this nation is to convey the truth of Islam in the presence of the wrongdoing system and ateistik to return to the right path. Is not the right, but it is for every Muslims. Conveying the truth of Islam in the presence of the wrong jihad of the sabilillah fi that is the ideals of every Muslim        

212 martial arts reunion is a peace act and not anarchy, but as a warning to the guided of power to uphold the laws of the earth, and dispose of the rotten ideology of the rotten capitalism and communism. This is the phrase of the Muslims so that the rulers of the world are equipped. If you do not, then write it down.       

212 martial arts reunion is the beginning of a test for the ruling regime to prove a plea to the people and this nation from rongrongan ideology of capitalism and communism. Capitalism has proven to have bankrupted the country with untold debts. This is when the government is honest, not lying and deceiving his own people. It's time for the regime to prove himself a sovereign and refuse to kneel to the invaders       

212 martial arts reunion is an important momentum for the consciousness of the Muslims that the ideology of capitalism and communism will forever be opposed to Islam Secular Capitalism and communism atheists is not a system that will deliver to the glory and the glory of Islam as a mercy to the universe, but it will corrupt the unity and power of the Muslims in Indonesia and the       

The Grand Reunion of Islam is a real proof that ghiroh fighting to defend the religion of God is still firmly embedded in every heart of the Muslims. Ghiroh struggle is the first and foremost capital for the resurrection of Islam. ' cause if there is no more ghiroh Islam, then more accurately referred to as a living corpse. Though life, but in effect is a corpse that has no meaning for life. Its blazing in the soul is the proof of faith and extinction in the soul is evidence of hypocrisy.        

212 martial arts reunion is the first door for the consciousness of the Muslims that God will mempergulirkan the age. In the age of prophethood, both of the governments of the government who followed the trace, the three days of the government, the bite, the fourth of the great government, and the five times back to the golden age of This day is the fourth period, where the Muslims are faced with the most difficult times of tyranny, murder, expulsion and blasphemy against the Muslims all over the world, including in Indonesia. May the 212th grand reunion is the beginning of the Muslims.        

212 martial arts reunion is the beginning of the awareness of the Muslims will be the importance of preparing everything to embrace the Islamic victory of God. The preparation is the unity of the world of the world, the power of the nation, the keilmuwan, the witnesses, the strong defense system, and your majesty's government system.        

The Grand Reunion of Islam is the gateway to the awareness of the Muslims will be the importance of defending the religion of God to achieve glory in the world and Hopefully with the crime of ideology of capitalism and communism will be able to realize all the components of the Muslims like police, soldiers, party leaders, governors, scholars, scholars, scholars, and all other components to narrow the line in order to surrender to Islam But if the Muslims are, the Muslims will be easily destroyed.         

The Grand Reunion of Islam may be an important consciousness to fight for Islam as a solution to all the this of the world, by expelling the entire form of disbelief which is proven to corrupt the human life. Although the Muslims must sacrifice their minds, their wealth, power and soul. Because the enemies of Allah will never be guided to the advancement of Islam. In the way of Allah will come to you. Then the Muslims were advised to recite the praises of God and ask forgiveness for God's forgiveness. Allahu Akbar, amin ya mujiiba saailin.        

What are you waiting for? Let's finish the fight of Islam 

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