You're not Wrong When hating Islam Hard Line

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - You are absolutely not wrong when you hate Islam hard lines. Because you're part of a society that thinks and his attitude patterns are influenced by the media that will form you. You can claim super-critical or objective researchers, but again, you can't escape from what you read from the press.         

It's really not easy, if you like water in the pot, then the pot is heated over the furnace, but you're not hot like the other water. That's almost impossible. It's not easy, you live in a democracy, is chock-full of freedom slogans. Then you were given the news about the terrible things about radical Islam. Almost impossible, if you do not hate radical Islam.     

So, when you hate that radical Islam at all is not your fault.       

What's wrong is they, who dictate you with freedom. What is wrong is those who put you like a fool but flattering you as intellectual. What's wrong is those who force you to be a little boy who is not given a choice, but as if you honor you as an adult.      

The story below is a real phenomenon that Islam the hard line is the monster of creation that makes the adults fear. If the Japanese investigators are afraid, especially you who are not Japanese researchers. Happy reading! ****


Not a few people, good journalists, lecturers, researchers and diplomats especially from overseas, even the official office of this country, has an image or a general impression, that a fundamentalist Muslim or Muslim is radical or Muslim hard line (Hard-Liner)-so ordinary they call Islamic groups are calling for the implementation of Sharia - is a faceless person, not argumentative, doktriner, foolish and uncooperative. In Short, a fundamentalist Muslim face was very ugly and terrifying. ' cause it's not everybody has the power to come meet the " extremists This is what dr. Hisanori ka (45), researchers from Japan who got the ph ph. From Sydney University, Australia, in 2000, with her dissertation about the role of Islamic religion in the establishment of a democratic society in Indonesia. He has taught in unas (National University), Jakarta for almost 10 years, and now to be the professor in the faculty of policy studies, Chūō University, Tokyo-Japan, has long been interested in hti, and wanting to get to know more. However, when to come to hti's office, it has repeated doubts by sejawatnya. Said, if you come over there means your safety is threatened. Then, when one of them knew he liked to come back and forth to the office office, spent hours sitting in a dialogue, doing an interview while drinking tea, and came home safely, no less. Why don't you?


Thus is an image that has already been attached to an Islamic group called fundamentalists. These images are certainly not born by itself. It is the result of a long, systematic job by a mass media that likes or does not currently be dominated by western media. These images are clearly extremely detrimental because people can be mis-leading. If you're mistaken, it's as good as anything being brought or delivered will still be inclined to be rejected by the        

In Marketing Theory, a product will sell in the market when he has what is called product selling point. However, if you don't have it, then it should be aided with corporate selling point, which is mentioned that the product was from a bona fide However, if this is also not, then you have to hire someone else who already has a Could be a top or public figure. That's why, regular product ads are full by faces known to society.          

Likewise, as a product, Sharia and caliphate is an idea to be marketed. In order to successfully gain community support, then it must have a product selling point (in the excellence and Sharia of sharia itself), the corporate selling point (on the agency or the group). Campaigning. The problem is, how would it be if the personal selling point and corporate selling point, even the product selling point, is already bombarded with effects or bad images, that sharia is cruel, inhuman, ancient and forth; while groups and aktifisnya dicitrakan as not Tolerant, spooky, dumb, like violence and stuff? Certainly attempts to withdraw support from society becomes increasingly difficult to do.         

However, as smart as people make a bad image of Islamic Sharia, about the Islamic groups and the people of the Muslims, there is only a way to show the true truth. Among those who do not easily believe in the image created by the media, and they want to see and hear directly from the main source. That's some kind of Dr. Kato or Dr. Greg fealy from Anu (Australian National University) and many others, who've also had several times come to the office office.         Once a reporter from the Washington post, may be so, after a long interview with me about Sharia and caliphate, saying, " you are too smart to be moslem." don't think to be flattered. That Word was actually a sarcastic ajekan. He thinks the Islamic activists are stupid. When he asked, he was also a victim of the stereotypes. In addition, he also has an experience that is more likely to justify the image or general effect of what is called a fundamentalist figure, which is likely to be doktriner and not argumentative. Not just intelligent and argumentative, Dr. Kato even feels very comfortable being in the middle of hti activists. He doesn't feel threatened at all. He was amused with the worries of his friends. Indeed, he has repeatedly been invited to Islam. However, he doesn't feel disturbed, let alone consider it a threat. It is to capture it as honesty and sincerity.       

He claimed to be very touched when he was at the hti headquarters, he was able to ask the people who were there, why it was repeated to bring him into Islam. Answered, " this is how we help you. This is our compassion for you. When in the hereafter you shall receive a terrible reward from God, we can no longer help you."          

He confessed to the truth, just once it heard a very sincere explanation. As long as it's an Islamic call, he feels as a pressure and a call that doesn't make sense However, this time he felt a very heartwarming touch. The same when he heard the answer to his question, " why am I not this Muslim, kok received kindly here, in this hti office "? answered, " is our duty, according to Islamic Sharia Sharia, to welcome every guest as well - good.            

He also saw, the Islamic activists are those who pious (Salih). Warm, warm, open and proper promise. It expresses the frustration of the liberal Islamic activists who have often attacked a fundamentalist group because the criticism does not match the fact that he sees and he understands. But he is not the best of those who criticize. Even with the tone of his masygul he expressed resentment towards a very famous liberal Muslim figure, who repeated promises. Him, it's been more than two years, the article that he promised until now is not finished. He's very upset, because it is very disturbing the important book solutions about Islam in Indonesia which is being digarapnya. On the contrary, all the writings of people who are called a fundamentalist  


End of December 2016 ago, after all these years, he went back to the hti office. He told a story, in his college now he teaches Islamic lectures in Southeast Asia. Experience throughout jakarta and persentuhannya with various Islamic groups in Indonesia, including with those called as a fundamentalist group, has created knowledge and insights about Islam in Indonesia quite mature. It's possible to make a lecture that he taught it to be a favorite in fakultasnya. Students more than others.          

Respond to that, I say, " your knowledge of Islam will be better when it comes to Islam ". but, as before, he still hasn't received that call, for a reason, " with like this, I will be judged fairly objectively in teaching Islam . It's good for Islamic development in Japan.[]kn

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