Work, how delicious

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Work is worship. Then, in that case, there is a sense of joy. Something gained by struggle, always has more value for the soul, if compared to anything that comes as a gift without effort.       

May be the reason, the children of Israel who were given manna and quails from the sky, still asking for the food that must first be tertumbuhkan on earth, harvested and ingested. Manna, so the word the, is a softer food than milk, sweeter than honey, and colder than the snow. While the quails is an easy roasted bird        And remember when you said, " O Moses, we will not be able to wait for a meal. So pray to your Lord that he may bring us out of what the earth grows, its herbs, its garlic, its lentils and its onions. ' In Exchange for something good? You will not be able to do what you want.      

(Moses) said, "go to the city, and it will be said to you," it is not for you to eat. Almost all over the world, it's available. What is revealed to you is by the grace of Allah. And he is the one, the lentils and the reeds, and the lentils and the onions.       

Really, bad job is part of the grace of grace. Hatta to the surrounding area of Saba 'in the area of Saba' the and safe journey, both day and night. The Qur ' an has come to know how the people of the country are asking for their journey, and they are exhausted, and they are exhausted.       

And we made between them and the towns which we had blessed, some of the towns, and we set forth between the cities. Travel in the evening and the day of safety. They will say, ' our Lord!        

He said, " he said, " he said, " the Lord of the heavens and the earth," They are in the cities of peace and prosperity. Their country is green with fruits and fruits. It was said that if the people of saba would gather the fruits, they would not climb the tree.

Enough to carry a basket and walk under a grove of tetanamannya, then the fruit will be in a deep tumble into a container " " the safe areas that they live," so connect him, " connect each other, close distances and easily its relationship. There is no God but it. Everything does not need to bring water or food. All its corners can be a comfortable nap and a safe night rest." But all the facilities, the relief, the pleasure and delicacy of that they were adults with a do, " our Lord, keep the distance of our journey."        

Because indeed, something is worth a step. Indeed, we were told, " Atan (Allah) has become a rule. That the favor comes after the suck, and delicious it feels tired of getting tired. " I've noticed a member of the prayer," so it was written by a muse, " he was tired and But the taste of his grace and his quiet voice will not run out. Then I watched myself; the brazen laugh in vain. But the poignant and the restless."       

In the layer of blessings, working is a worship, with all the meaning contained in that word.

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