Women lustfully

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Porn video. Women are definitely in the spotlight. Yes, bear the status of a reputable college, is a honor. Should be properly harnessed to be useful. Applications that are hard-earned. But it doesn't apply to the alumni of berinisial ha. He made a cyber sensation with video video.

In Criminology, but ironically involved in a crime. All know, doing a pervert with not a legal partner, scattered on social media, is an act of breaking the norms and religious norms.

Why is it so easy for the women to engage in porn? How much is their pride? This is not the first case. Video episode always repeats. So do the women of women. Can't your own women stop him? . Women getting wild . How many women are tangled up with a non-legal partner, showing their weakest defenses of their faith. They are weak and obedient to their mate. In fact, they're not being raped. But volunteered to give up his pride. This is the phenomenon of sexual the that has been a success. The West teaches that women have reproductive rights, where he can and freely select the preferred couples. Even without the bond of marriage. This is what causes the cultural shift. Women nowadays are not ashamed to be the connoisseurs. A shy woman has turned into a wild woman. .

If a female video offender gives his price to a man he likes for free, there are more women selling balls with a wad. Included in the location of the brothel, the place of the world of the world-borrowing the term . Though, without a female role as a sexual object, obscene videos will not be created. Who would be interested in the naked video if the actor was just a man? Except Gay-ass videos, stay wanted by men.

So, without any female role willing to be exploited, God willing, the technology will be clean from the pollution. Prostitution will also die without any female role. Because of that, women have a great responsibility in stopping this depravity.

It's not just accusing women of moral depravity. For However, a man also has a lot to do. In which there are two kinds of men and women. It's just, we want women to have a contribution to stop it. Can? .

Control .

Women who are tangled in their lusts, whether to be an adulterer or a whore, can only be saved if these Islamic rules apply. Because, Islam has a set of rules that work to memenej. Controlling humans not to interact wildly.

Reality shows, the emergence of sexual instincts because there is a stimulant. This stimulant is inextricably linked with the interaction between men and women. Because the emergence of male and female has preceded in the fact of interaction between them. The emergence of fornication, adultery or prostitution, because men and women are free to interact.

Islam has a set of rules how to control the stimulant of this sexual instinct. It is forbidden to reveal it to you in public. Including, film your own nakedness and spread it. Forbidden Men and women to talk intimate relationships in public domains, let alone show or sell sex to the audience. Orders for men and women to be subjected to al-Bashar) (Qs an-Nur [24]: 30-31). .

Banned for men and women both without a mahramnya (Khalwat). Video and perzinaan videos happen because khalwat is not considered a sin by society today. So keharaman for men and women mix are without ' ' Banned Tabaruj alias reveal beauty in public, including using the fragrance of the fragrance of the of men. Banned fuck or messing in public, even the husband's husband. It is forbidden to be associated with some kind. . Emergence of sexual instincts, ruled Islam through marriage. But need to be underlined, the purpose of the marriage in Islam is not just a biological need or a While for the single and not yet able to marry, Islam has ordered to fast to control his lust. By Fasting, a Muslim is capable of preventing themselves from sexual urges he has not yet been able to fulfill. Transient is under control. . That's the way a muslim memenej transient. His sexual instincts are under the control of a religion which has been framed. The Word of the Prophet (Muhammad saw) will not believe from you, until that which I have come to. . .

Productive civilization .

Depictions of self-righteous society, once filled the world's civilization for 13 centuries when the caliphate islamiyah islamiyah. The Muslims and muslimah will take care of engagement and self-esteem. Never heard rumors of sexual behavior and malfeasance.

It is not solely because in that era there is no technology, there is no globalization, but because of all the activities in control with aqidah Islam. People are productive and useful with the works, not chase. . Like during Islamic glories in Andalusia, Cordoba, Granada and Seville, at the time the caliph banni the abbasid in 756 ad. The West (Europe) was astonished with the advancement of culture, philosophy, science and technology, born in the regions of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain).

The great figures with the phenomenal work that is fixed up to now, such as imam hambali, Hanafi, Maliki, Al-Bukhari and Imam Ghazali is a product of a sterile civilization from pornography and pornoaksi. Countless scholars and scholars of the life of life in life.

Not like right now, when the capitalist ideology is a capitalist woman. Men-free men. Free the fulfillment of an act without strict rules, but wild. Then, it is not impossible to be a capitalist. And to face the global conspiracy of sexual the, it must be faced with the power of a global network. Magnify for God's sake. (*)

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