When we are tested with children

RemajaIslamHebat.Com - Every parent is not always as smooth as membersamai child, there must be a test of both great and small. There's a child being trapped with a free fraternization, exposed to pornography, child in depression, a school strike child, the child doesn't want to run the duties of prayer and a number of other tests if written all will be a long list in the scriptures that Na ' udzubilahi mindzalik.      

Let us alone in the story of the prophets as it happens. (Muhammad), tell him, " God does not follow his father. He said, " O my son, he has not been able to kill him, except for his son.       

O you who believe that your husbands and children are an enemy of you, and forgive and forgive and forgive, God is forgiving and merciful. Your money and your children is a great reward. Believers, indeed among your wives and your children is an enemy to you, so beware of them. But if you forgive and overlook and forgive, then surely Allah is all-forgiving, all-merciful. Caring. Your possessions and your children are only a trial, and with Allah is a great reward. . Surely we do not want the soul to be the enemy of the mother of mother, the heart has never been a comfort in our home. We always hope and work hard and make to give the best education so that our children become children of the world and the children of the eyes of the eye.         

So many mothers are tested with children, let's say the cries of a mother who is in deep pain knows the news that her new class of five elementary students committed sexual harassment in their classmates, there is a complaint of a mother where her child is addicted to gadget can't Worship, there is even a mother who is half-dead against her son who has been exposed to pornography and no matter what kind of When they say we care about the children, they've given the best education they've got. Times have put us on trial for the test, the taste of kekhawatiranpun berlipatganda when our children have known the environment and he demands more extensive exploration of the house. Eksplorasinya is what makes children know a lot of different friends there is evil. This is the age of sekulerisme capitalism that there is no guarantee of protection against child, which makes the burden of an older parent in education       

In this condition as an old man certainly does not make us negligent of the remembrance of God. But if they turn to Allah in repentance, and ask forgiveness of Allah for all our sins. Even though we are faced with children, do not reduce the spirit of parents in obedience to God. He said, " O my people!      

O you who believe, do not give your money and your children to the remembrance of Allah, and whoever does it, they are the losers.      

O ye who believe! Let not your wealth and your children divert you from remembrance of Allah. And whoever does that - it is they who are the losers.      

We can look at the prophet of the prophet, when the brothers of Joseph and his brothers were in the dark. He was patient, and he was patient, and he was patient. His son returns in kindness and obedience.      

Some of these things we can do when we're tested with children:

1. Accept it as a wants from God swt that good is a bad from Allah

2. Muhasabah, if there is a charity that is our sins immediately repent

3. Confront child patiently and berupayalah communicate well so the child wants to open and tell the truth

4. Forgive kesalahnnya and offer yourself to help him out of his life

5. Escort children during the time of self-strengthening and to reinforcement of the sacred mosque until we believe the child has truly returned to God and his messenger.

6. has prayed for his devotion to his devotion and terhindarnya him from the good evil of jin and humans.

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