What is caliphate and Caliph?

Caliphate is a government system of Islam. True, caliphate is currently not upright and will be upright, because Allah swt already has a promise that caliphate will be upright.

Understanding, as a political term or government system, it is not something new.

It's just, the curse of Muslims with the roots of history of the past they made the caliphate ' Foreign ', not only in the context of their government systems, but even in their political

Even if some of the Muslims acknowledge the existence of caliphate in history, their descriptions of bias and diverse. Something equates to an empire. Someone considers caliphate as an authoritative government system and antidemokrasi.

There seems to be the same as the theocracy government system. There is also a rating of caliphate as a combined government system between democracy and theocracy.

When it is explained that the caliphate government system is not the monarchy, not the Republic, not the Empire (Empire) and not the Federation, some of its own Muslims, there is also a insinuate, that then, caliphate is a government system that is not-not

In this way.

(1) people have long lived in a secular government system;

(2) political education in academic benches / educational institutions are always just introducing the government-Model Models, Republic, Empire Or Federation-without ever entering a caliphate system as one of the government models outside the mainstream model;

(3) distant generations of Muslims today from the roots of their past history, including the history of the great Islamic Kekhilafahan, over 13 centuries.

These letters, although simple, want to introduce what is caliphate. It's not for us to get to know the truth as a typical Islamic government system, which is different with all the government systems in the current world.

Definition of caliphate islamiyah

Caliphate language.
According to the meaning of the language of the language, the Allah, the madhi, the madhi, the madhi.

Caliphate according to Ibrahim Anis (1972) is the man who came after others and replaced his position (Al-MU ' Hour Al-Wasîth, I / 251. Saw Also: Ibn Manzur, Lisân Al-' Arab, I / 882-883 )

So, according to the language, khalîfah is the one who replaced the people before. Plural, khalâ 'if or khulafâ'. This is the word of Allah.:

And Moses said to his brother Aaron Ạkẖlfny in my people

Moses said to his brother, Aaron, " take my place among my people."

He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth. I / 199).

Caliphate by Sharia.
Says a lot is stated in Hadith, for example:

Your first religion is a blessing and a mercy, then a succession and a mercy, and then it's a house of

Indeed, your religion begins with grace and mercy, and there will be mercy and mercy. (hr al-it).

Word in this hadith has an understanding: a government system, the heir to the prophethood. It has been sent by the messenger of God.

They have been settled by the prophets, whenever a prophet is a prophet and he is not a prophet after me and will be successors in you

The children of Israel were led by the prophets. Whenever a prophet dies, another prophet will replace him. But there is no prophet after me, and there will be many of them. (hr al-Bukhari and Muslim).

In Sharia understanding, caliphate is used to mention the person who replaces the prophet. In the leadership of Islam (AD-Dawlah Al-Islamiyah) (Al-Baghdadi, 1995:20).

This is the way of Islam. Then, in the next development, the term caliphate used to mention the Islamic state itself (Al-Khalidi, 1980:226. see also: Dr. Wahbah AZ-Zuhaili, Al-Fiqh Al-islâmi wa adillatuhu, IX / 823).

There are many definitions of Caliphate-or called also with Imamah-that has been formulated by the clergy. Some of them are as follows:

Caliphate is the general power over all the nations, the implementation of the affairs of the nation, and pemikulan his duties (Al-Qalqasyandi, MA 'Âtsir Al-INÂFAH FI' Âlim Al-Khilâfah, I / 8).
Imamah (Caliphate) is set for a prophetic replacement in religious custody and the setting of the world's affairs (Al-Mawardi, Al-Ahkâm as-Sulthâniyah, hlm 3).
Caliphate is the pengembanan of the whole business according to the passions of Sharia in their wealth, both ukhrawiyah and the world, which is back on the wealth of ukhrawiyah (Ibn Khladun Al-Muqaddimah, hlm. 166 & 190).
Imamah (Caliphate) is a comprehensive leadership as leadership related to special affairs and general affairs in the interests of religion and the world (Al-Juwayni, ghiyâts al-filthinesses, PP. 15).
Thus, Caliphate (Imamah) can be defined sebagai:kepemimpinan for all Muslims in the world to implement sharia law and all of Islam to all corners of the world.

This definition is more accurate. These definitions are adopted by hizbut tahrir (see: Nizhâm Al-Hukm Fi Al-Islâm, qadi an-Nabhani and expanded by dzurriyat abdul qadim zallum, hizbut tahrir, CET. You'RE]. 2002 M / 1422 H).

In the book of hizbut tahrir called, azhijah ad-Dawlah Al-Khilâfah (Lebanon: Beirut, 2005), the difference of government system caliphate with non-Caliphate is mentioned as follows.

Caliphate is not the monarchy.
Caliphate is not an Empire (Empire).
Caliphate is not the Federation.
Caliphate is not a republic.
Caliphate: special government secret

Surely the structure of the country is different from the structure of all systems known in the current world, although there is a resemblance in some of

The State structure of the khilafah was taken (Set) from the state structure that was upheld by the messenger of God In Madinah after he hijrah to Madinah and set up the Islamic State there.

Caliphate's structure is a structure that has been lived by khulafaur caliphate after the messenger of God. Dead.

With Research and deepening to Nash-Nash associated with the structure of the country, it is apparent that the structure state structure is:

1. Caliph;

2. TO MU 'âwin and-Tafwîdh ( Wuzarâ' and-Tafwîdh);

3. Wuzarâ’ at-Tanfîdz;

4. Guardians;

5. Amîr Al-Jihâd;

6. Internal Security;

7. Foreign Affairs;

8. Industries;


10. Mashâlih an-Nâs (Department-Department);

11. visited malls;

12. Agency information;

13. Assembly (put and muhâsabah).

Promises of caliphate, pledges being caliphate

Be the prophet in you what God wants to be and then raise it if he wants to lift it then be a succession on the platform of prophecy, and if God wants to be then raise it if God wants to raise it then be king repugnant and it is God's will be Then he raises it if he wants to lift it and then be king of constraint, and if God wants to be, then raise it if he wants to lift it and then be a succession on the platform of the prophecy and

In the midst of you there is a prophecy. Then he will raise him if he wills. Then there will be caliphate who follow manhaj prophetic. There is no God but he. Then he will raise him if he wills. Then there will be the dominion of the wrong-doers. He is there, and the permission of Allah. Then he will raise him if he wills. Then there will be the power of the tyrannical dictator. Then there will be back caliphate who follows the manhaj manhaj." he then shut up. (hr Ahmad and al-Bazar).

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